Recovering Jump Drive Files

Jump drive keeps all important files and folders in the memory similar to the hard drive. You can fetch data when required to be accessed. You can find many advantages using jump drives, including from personal data storage to portable Desktop, to business travelers carrying their crucial files. Jump drives are a useful portable storage media to transfer data. Unlike the other data storage drives, you can find various issues that may turn your jump drive data to inaccessible state. If the jump drive is not mounted properly from the port then it leads to loss of files stored in it.

Sometimes on trying to access files from jump drive you may come across unknown messages. Some of the common messages are displayed below:

  • Drive is not formatted, do you want to format now?
  • Jump drive is not ready
  • Drive not accessible
  • Jump drive not detected by PC

All these instances are very familiar. If you're the one who come up with these issues, then how will you tackle, would you delete the file or format the drive? If you go forward to format the drive to get an access to jump drive then all the files gets erased completely.

Are the files permanently gone from jump drive?

No, files are not lost permanently. Losing data from jump drive does not mean that these files are gone forever. Still you have great chances to do jump drive data recovery if you select the correct jump drive recovery software.

Stop using jump drive before using jump drive data recovery software

Before you attempt for performing data recovery on jump drive, initially you must minimize the data loss situation and increase the possibility of successfully recovering data from jump drive. If you do more activities on your jump drive, greater the chance of data overwritten. In order to increase the chance of jump drive data recovery, always remember not to use jump drive to store new files, do not edit files stored in it and never use jump drive for any further data transferring purposes.

How you can overcome data loss issue in jump drive?

SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software resolves all types of data loss issues that can occur when jump drive is being accessed on your PC or similar gadgets. This utility is specially designed and made for all jump drive storage media holder who have lost their important office documents and data due to accidental deletion or any other unknown issues.

Factors responsible for data loss on jump drive

  • Common human mistakes like unintentional deletion of important file rather than unwanted ones
  • Accidentally format of jump drive instead of system drive when connected to PC
  • Incorrect removal of the jump drive from the system while data transfer process is still continuing can results in data loss from it
  • Connecting jump drive to the virus infected system makes all the files inaccessible. On some occasion antivirus program scans and deletes all the files from jump drive if they are infected with viruses
  • Unexpected causes like power surge while accessing files from jump drive, improper shut down of the PC also results in data loss

More about SFWare Deleted File Recovery Program

  • Provides complete data recovery solution for lost or deleted data from jump drive with ease
  • Supports in recovering files from key chain drive, handy drive, pen drive, smart drive, memory stick, USB drive, communicator, flash card, SD card, XD card, thumb drive etc.
  • Takes very less space of RAM and hard disk on your system during recovery of data from your jump drive
  • Retrieves encrypted files containing important office documents, images, photos, pictures and video clips from jump drive quickly
  • Recovers data from jump drive with minimal time and doesn’t affect other data of your jump drive
  • Ability to recover deleted files by Antivirus in few clicks
  • Non-destructive and read only application that safely restores lost data from your desired jump drive

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