How to Recover Deleted Files from Scan and Fix?

Updated on August 09, 2022

You may be asked to run ‘Scan and Fix’ when Windows detects a problem such as system or disk errors in the drive. Though Windows provides an exceptional feature, yet it is no free from data loss situations. Sometimes, while fixing errors Scan & Fix feature may cause your important data loss. Without wasting more time learn how to recover files deleted from Scan & Fix.


Usually, when an external drive with errors is connected to PC, Windows detects the problem and a dialog box pops up with a warning message ‘There is a problem with your drive. Do you want to scan and fix the removable disk?’.

You may encounter this warning message if your system files are corrupted or damaged. Corruption could possibly be caused by virus or external damaged caused by abrupt removing of the disks.

Will Scan and Fix Delete My Files?

As mentioned earlier, Scan & Fix is an excellent feature that helps you fix and repairs the internal errors of the drive. When you click ok to the warning message, automatically CHKDSK runs in the background and checks for the system’s integrity. Though, the Scan & Fix function helps in fixing errors, few users have encountered their data being lost after the process completed.

What should you do if you receive a ‘Scan and fix’ message?

Scan and Fix will not always lead to data loss but there are chances some of your files go missing from the drive. If your important files are stored on the drive, make sure you take the backup of data and go ahead with scan and Fix.

What if you selected to repair the drive without any backup? or wondering how to recover CHKDSK deleted files? If you are worried for your important files, do not worry anymore! SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software, helps you recover deleted files from the hard drive without any trouble. The tool also recovers corrupted, formatted files within few mouse clicks.


4 Easy Steps to Recover Files Deleted After Using Scan and Fix feature

The process of recovering deleted files using the tool is simple. All you need to do is download the SFWare Deleted File Recovery software and with a few clicks, your files will be recovered. If you are recovering files from a storage device, connect it to your system and keep it ready.

Other than external devices such as SD card, USB cards, with the help of the SFWare deleted filr recovery software, you can recover files lost due to reimaging the drive. Easily Restores various kind of file types including videos, images, documes and etc.

What To Do When Scan And Repair Function Has A Problem?

To fix the Windows scanning and repairing problem, one of the best method is, you can run CHKDSK in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is a logical mode that boots your PC with minimal drivers and services.

Step 1. Shut down and restart your PC. When Windows logo is seen, turn off the computer by pressing the power button for about 10 seconds. Continue the process until you see the PC in WinRE

Step 2 Once your computer opens in WinRE, Select Troubleshoot on the Choose an option screen. Now, go to Advanced Options section >> Startup Settings option >> click Restart

Step 3. Once the computer restarts, a list of options will be displayed. To go into Safe Mode, press F5

Step 4. Now, click on This PC and right-click on the Windows scanning and repairing drive stuck and then select Properties

Step 5. Select Check on the Tools tab. It automatically runs CHKDSK in Command Prompt.

Step 6: Finally, you can start the scanning process by clicking the Scan drive option. A pop-up appears on your screen, click scan and repair drive option and then follow the instructions.

This should help you fix any problems related to Scan and Repair function in Windows.

Why Choose SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software?

  • The tool scans your drive’s each sector to recover data efficiently. Also, the software works on a read only mode to keep your original data secure.
  • SFWare aids you in recovering corrupt files. Also, it can be used to recover files from the recycle bin or permanently deleted files from the drive.
  • The software works on all recent versions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 10. A Mac version called SFWare Mac is also available for Mac users that recovers data from all Mac versions including the new Mac Big Sur, Catalina and others.
  • If your files go missing or is hidden from the system, with the help of the software, you can easily recover hidden files from Windows computer.
  • Conclusion:

    Though Scan and Fix is a helpful feature delivered for Windows users, data loss is inevitable. If you see yourself in any data loss situation, you can always rely on SFWare data recovery software that helps you recover data from most of the data loss situations. Be it formatted or permanently deleted, SFWare always aids you to recover your precious data.

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