Recover Deleted Files from Scan and Fix

“You may be asked to run 'Scan and Fix' when Windows detects a problem with a drive. This is Windows way of helping you fix the drive and avoid potential data loss situations. Learn more about the tool and what you can do to recover if any files are deleted during the repair process. ”

When you connect an external device to the system, sometimes a ‘Scan and Fix’ dialogue shows up with a warning message ‘There is a problem with your drive. Do you want to scan the drive and fix it?’

The message is triggered when Windows finds any corrupted files in the device. Or it can also be triggered when the USB device was removed abruptly the previous time it was in use.

What should you do if you receive a ‘Scan and fix’ message?

It is recommended that you go ahead and scan the USB device connected. Just make sure the USB device is not currently in use. Now, when you click on Scan and fix, it runs CHKDSK in the background to check for file system integrity. Any discrepancies are repaired by the tool and this may take a while. Once the errors are fixed, you will receive a status report.

While Chkdsk is great to repair your drive, some files may get deleted in the process. If this happens, it is hard to recover these files unless you have a backup.

If the files are important, you wouldn’t want to lose them permanently. In such situations, it is data recovery software to your rescue. SFWare is trusted by many users for its data recovery capability. It is perfect for recovering deleted files like in this case. The software can also be used to recover permanently deleted files from your PC.

The software can be used to recover data from your system as well as other storage devices such as USB’s, external hard drives etc.

More about SFWare file recovery

It scans your drive sector wise to recover data efficiently. Also, the software works using a read only feature, so your original files are not altered during recovery process. Recovered files are in the same form as your original.

The software can also be used to recover files deleted from the recycle bin or when files are deleted using Shift + Delete.

The software works on all recent versions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 10. A Mac version called SFWare Mac is also available for Mac users.

Steps to recover files deleted after using Scan and Fix

The process of recovering deleted files using the tool is simple. All you need to do is download the SFWare Deleted File Recovery software and with a few clicks, your files will be recovered. If you are recovering files from a storage device, connect it to your system and keep it ready.

  • Install SFWare file recovery software and launch the application
  • From the home screen, select Recover files
  • The next scrren will display “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” options. Select an option based on your situation
  • You will then be asked to choose a drive to recover data. Select the storage device connected to your system
  • Allow the software to scan the device and display data
  • Then choose the files to recover and save them

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