Deleted ISO, DMG, PKG File Recovery Mac

We all know the importance of DMG, PKG and ISO files. DMG (Disk Image) files help to install applications and software on Mac. PKG (Package installer) assist in installing a Mac based application on a preferred hard drive or partition. Similarly, ISO files are important, although they don’t work directly on macOS. So deletion of such critical files is not acceptable.

Of course, accidents are bound to happen and you might have accidentally deleted DMG, PKG or ISO files on Mac. But the consequences are serious as you lose very important files. Moreover, these files are usually deleted or lost from external hard drives, including backup medium like Time Machine external hard drive.

So, is it possible to get back Deleted DMG, PKG and ISO Files on Mac?

Don’t worry, with the help of SFWare Deleted File Recovery tool, you can recover deleted files on macOS. The software is safe, and easy to use; thus it will get back deleted disk image files on Mac without any difficulty. It will thoroughly scan the hard disk drive to look for the deleted or lost DMG, PKG, and ISO files, and will restore it in just few minutes. Apart from these, even other files like photos, spreadsheets, Word files, etc., can be recovered on Mac.

Here are the Steps to Retrieve Deleted DMG, PKG and ISO Files on Mac:

  • Download SFWare Deleted File Recovery software, and install it on your Mac system
  • Connect external drive to the system if files have to be recovered from it. Run the tool, from the first screen choose Deleted File Recovery option
  • Next screen asks you to select the drive from which files have to be recovered. Select the drive and click Next button.
  • The scanning process now begins. Once it is completed you will be able to view files in "Data View" and "File Type View"
  • Click on Save option to save recovered files on any location of your choice

SFWare Deleted File Recovery application not only helps to retrieve disk image files, but it also comes handy to restore deleted files from Mac Trash, files lost during transfer, files erased after format, and so on. It supports data recovery on all Mac OS versions, including the latest macOS Sierra, Mac El Capitan, etc. It will restore files erased or missing from hard drive, memory card, pen drive, external hard disk, iPod, and so on.

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