How to Recover Deleted/ Unsaved PDF Documents?

Uploaded on Septemper 23, 2021

PDF is the most common file format used while transferring files because it keeps your files intact and unaltered. There might be instances where you end up losing your important PDF documents. If you ever came across any situation where your PDF files are unsaved and lost or deleted or inaccessible due to corruption, do not worry! Here is an efficient and effective way to restore PDF files. Download & try the most reliable data recovery software to perform PDF file recovery effortlessly.

Adobe created a format, a Portable Document Format (PDF) to keep documents unchanged over the transfer of files. It means, the text/images along with the fonts, formatting, graphics and color of any original document are unaltered regardless of the application used to create PDF document. Unfortunately, unsaved, accidental deletion, formatting the drive or bad sectors on the drive makes your PDF files disappear from the computer.

Is it Possible to Recover PDF files?

Irrespective of the lost situations, you can still get your PDF files back. However, once you are aware of pdf file lost from device, it is highly recommended not to use the drive or storage space until the recovery of pdf files are initiated.

When files are deleted or lost from the drive, they aren’t completely gone from the system. Instead, the pointer that holds the information of the file location is hidden by the user. However, the data will be present on the drive till the new information is written on it. Once the existing data is overwritten, the file will be completely deleted from the drive and it becomes impossible to recover .pdf files from the drive.

If the files are not permanently deleted or formatted from the drive, you can try recovering your deleted/ Unsaved PDF files from Recycle Bin or File History Version. Unfortunately, both the ways come with their own limitations that will be discussed in detail.

Restore Deleted PDF files using Recycle Bin

Note: You can only recover your files from Recycle Bin if the file is not Permanently deleted or Shift + Delete or formatted from the drive. If your files are Shift deleted, you will not be able to recover permanently deleted files using Recycle Bin. Click here to recover permanently deleted files on Windows.

Easy Steps:

1. Go to Recycle Bin -> locate your deleted PDF file

2. Right click on the file -> Restore

Restore Deleted PDF files using File History

Previous version/File History is the built-in feature by the Windows OS that helps you to recover lost or deleted files by retrieving the folders that were present before data is lost.

Note: The Previous Version will not be able to recover deleted PDF if you did not enable the File History function before losing the data from the computer.

What if you Recycle Bin is cleaned? Or What if you have no Previous Version saved? How would you recover corrupt or formatted PDF files? PDF files can get corrupt due to various reasons like improper downloads, formatting the drive, physical damage to the storage device or malicious software. All these are the reasons that could disturb the file structure and damage the PDF files.

If you are wondering with all the queries popping up in your mind, keep calm! With the help of the most trusted and efficient Data Recovery Software, you can recover your PDF files.

With SFWare Data Recovery Software you can easily recover permanently deleted, corrupted, formatted PDF files from any Windows and Mac computers. The tool is well equipped with an effective algorithm to scan the entire drive sectors and locate the files without any chaos. The tool supports recovery of more than 300 files types including .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .ppt etc.

Recover Adobe PDF Files with SFWare

Download the SFWare Data Recovery Software to recover deleted, corrupt or formatted PDF files from the computer. Launch the application

Now, Select the required files and save them in any preferred location on the computer other than it was saved earlier. With the help of SFWare, you can recover permanently deleted files as well.

Other benefits of using SFWare

  1. SFWare has an ability of retrieving deleted files from hard disk, USB flash cards, memory cards, or any external drives etc.
  2. This utility helps in restoring data from various file types based on their unique file signature and file formats including NTFS, APFS, FAT, exFAT and HFS.
  3. The tool supports both Windows and Mac computers including the latest Windows 10/8/7, XP and other older version and macOS Big Sur, Catalina and others versions.
  4. Also, recovers deleted photos, images, videos recorded from any device within few mouse clicks.

Recover Deleted Files