How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive Mac?

Sometimes it happens that you accidentally format/reformat a hard drive on Mac and then realize the formatted drive had a few of your important files which are backed up nowhere.

But, don’t panic. As long as you don’t wipe the drive or save new files on it, your formatted data will present on the same formatted Mac hard drive. And, you can recover the formatted hard drive Mac easily with the help of reliable unformat Mac hard drive software!

Formatted Mac Hard Drive Recovery Overview…

Even though you can see a clean empty Mac hard drive after formatting, your formatted files are still existing on it. Formatting a Mac hard disk drive just clears the file systems contents such as index and file entries. But, all your lost files will be intact.

So, remember that you should not add any file or data to the formatted Mac hard drive until you recover formatted hard drive Mac. If possible, stop using the formatted drive completely.

Once you stop using the formatted Mac drive, make use of an efficient data recovery software to recover formatted hard drive Mac. And, SFWare Partition Recovery software can do this job for you. The program deep scans your formatted Mac hard drive and fetches files that are invisible but not yet deleted.

Formatted Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software:

There are a number of data recovery software to recover data from formatted Mac hard drive. But, for the complete Mac OS X formatted drive recovery process, it is recommended to use SFWare Partition Recovery software. This application is powerful enough to perform Mac OS X Volume data recovery on Mac OS X 10.5x and above versions including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mavericks, etc. Not just Mac users, even Windows users can use this software since Windows operating system compatible edition is also available for free download.

Restoring formatted Mac hard drive files will become an easy task if you prefer this program. Make use of this SFWare deleted file recovery software to recover lost data or deleted data from Mac partition formatted in HFS, HFS+, etc. file systems. This toolkit recovers data from Macintosh hard drive of types including SATA, SCSI, IDE, SSD, etc. or any other types. It displays all restored files in Mac Finder style. It can recover deleted or lost files from different manufacturing brands of the Mac-based laptop like MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac, etc.

Not just formatted Mac hard drive, even this Mac data recovery software supports to recover data from formatted external hard drive, SD card, memory card, USB drive etc. storage device. This tool is easy-to-use, performs safe and secure formatted Mac HDD data recovery process. The installation process of this tool includes simple steps that can be understood by novice and retrieves formatted Mac data easily.

How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive Mac?

Step 1: Connect the formatted hard drive to a working Mac, launch SFWare Recovery software and click on Formatted/Reformatted Recovery button.

Step 2: Select your formatted drive from the list of shown volumes on Mac OS X and click on Next.

Step 3: Software will start scanning and recovering files. Once the recovery process is completed, you can find your files recovered from formatted Mac drive in Data View and File Type View.

Step 4: Preview recovered data from formatted hard drive Mac. Finally, Save recovered files from formatted Mac drive on another drive.


  • Ensure you have a proper backup of your all-important files and folders before you begin to format any storage device
  • Stop using the device which you formatted until you recover data from it
  • Don’t save your recovered data onto the same formatted storage device; it will overwrite the data

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