Retrieving Hidden Files on Windows 10

Updated on Febraury 17, 2020

As Windows 10 is now available with horde of outstanding features, it is preferred by many users across the globe for data storage. Along with enjoyment of new features, sometimes you might also come up with the issues with Windows 10. Many users keep their precious files on Windows 10 computer which they don’t want to share with any others. The files might be a Word document, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, music or any other files. On such situations you have to hide your needed files to protect some of your personal details on system and avoid others to access those data.

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Windows 10 computer allows you to hide some files from viewing to keep users from accessing, modifying or deleting important files. Sometimes Windows 10 might not show these hidden files stored in it. You might feel very inconvenient to view those hidden files from Windows 10. On such instances, you might be curious on how to show hidden files on Windows 10? Well, just follow this simple steps to restore hidden files Windows 10 with ease:

Easy steps to show hidden files in Windows 10:

Sometimes you can find some situations where these hidden files are lost from Windows 10. Some of the common causes that results in loss of hidden files from Windows 10 are mentioned below:

How to recover hidden files on Windows 10:

Losing hidden files from Windows 10 cause serious disaster. To overcome such issues download SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software in your Windows 10 computer and restore hidden files Windows 10 within few minutes. This SfWare program dedicates to offer specialized method to help inexperienced users out of various complex data loss issues because it has been designed with simple user interface. Therefore you need not be an IT expert to restore hidden files from Windows 10.

More about SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software:

How to Show Hideen Files and Folders in Windows 10:

You can make use of the tool to recover permanently deleted files from various external devices like pen drive, memory card, memory stick, etc. in various scenarious of permanent data loss.

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