How to View the Hidden Files on Windows?

Updated on April 14, 2022

By default, Microsoft Windows OS hides certain files from view when you explore them on your hard drive. This protects important files from being deleted so that the system isn’t damaged. If files are damaged or lost, the system performance is compromised. If your hidden files are lost or deleted, SFWare is designed with advanced techniques to recover files from Windows computers without letting you lose a bit of it.

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Most computers running a Windows operating system are configured by default to not display hidden files. Few of the files are automatically marked hidden by OS because those are not the files you should be changing, modifying or deleting.

Sometimes along with the new features, issues also would add up in Windows 10. Most of us keep our important files hidden from others. The files might be a Word document, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, music or any other files to protect data and avoid others to access those data.

How to View Hidden Files on Windows 10?

Below provided are the methods to show hidden files in different Windows Version

Show Hidden Files from File Explorer

If you need more file viewing options, select Option > View

View Hidden Files from control Panel

Windows 11/10 and 8.x

Windows Vista

Recover Deleted Files