Recovering Missing Excel Files

“My hard drive partition was infected with harmful virus thus I was unable to access any of the folders or any files. So without keeping any backup I formatted entire hard drive. Later I realized that I have lost one of the important Excel file. Now I am wondering how to retrieve lost Excel files? Then, one of my friend suggested some lost Excel file recovery software but i did not find it useful. Please can anyone recommend me trusetd tool that will help me in recovering missing Excel files.”

Make use of SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software that will help you in restoring lost Excel files without any difficulties. This tool has the ability to recover lost Excel files and folders from Windows Operating System. Capable to recover around 300 different file types from your system so that you can get back missing files of many file formats on Windows. SFWare Deleted File Recovering Tool is free from harmful virus, malware or spyware so one can install this software without any fear in order to restore lost Excel file on Windows computers. The process is very simple thus anyone can use it for recovering missing Excel files with lot of ease.

General factors that can cause loss of excel file:

  • Storage Device Corruption: When there is virus attack in storage device such as hard drive, there are possibilities for storage device corruption that may cause excel file deletion or inaccessible
  • Accidentally Deleting: There is chance to delete excel file accidentally from system. Accidental deletion is the major cause for losing excel files
  • Unknowingly Formatting: Unknowingly formatting excel files can also lead to data loss
  • Improper Transfer: When you are transferring an excel file from one device to another and if there is any sort of interruptions, then it may lead to excel file deletion or loss

Features of SFWare Deleted File Recovery Application:

  • Helps to restore missing Excel file without modifying its original content
  • Ability to recover PDF file, Word file, PPT, Reports, Outlook PST and many more
  • Supports recovery of Excel files from internal and external hard drive, USB flash drive and many more
  • SFWare Deleted File Recovery supports retrieving of files that bypass Recycle Bin and also files erased from Recycle Bin
  • One can view Restored file using “Preview” option
  • Supports various file systems such as FAT 16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT
  • Recovered files can be sorted by its name, size, data and file type
  • It is capable to recover files on the basis of their unique signature

How to use SFWare Deleted File Recovery Tool to restore lost Excel file

  • Download and Run SFWare Deleted File Recovery Application
  • Select "Recover Files" from the first screen
  • Then select "Lost File Recovery" option to find your missing Excel file(s)
  • Select particular drive from where you need to recover lost excel files and click on "Next" option
  • Quick scanning and recovering process will take place and all restored files will be displayed
  • To store retrieved file you have to buy licensed version of this software

Safety Procedures:

  • Always keep regular backup of important files
  • Install good Antivirus to your system
  • Stop using your system after data loss
  • Follow proper method for transferring files

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