Understanding the concept of permanently deleted files

Normally, when you delete a file, it is sent to the recycle bin. In this case, they can be easily restored with the help of the ‘Restore’ button. It is available on right clicking the file in the recycle bin. However, when files are permanently deleted, for example, when they are deleted using Shift + Delete or when the file is deleted from the recycle bin, that is not the case. It can be really challenging to recover these permanently deleted files.

But with the help of software like SFWare, the process is made easy and permanently deleted files can be recovered in minutes.

Built with the most advanced recovery algorithms, SFWare is capable of scanning every nook & corner of your hard drive to recover permanently deleted files. Recovers 'Shift + Deleted' files, recovers files deleted from Recycle Bin, files deleted from the command prompt and much more!

Basically, when a file is permanently deleted, it does not mean it is lost forever. It just means that these files are still present on the hard drive, but not visible to us directly. With the help of some simple solutions provided here, you can easily get back these files.

Note: Kindly refrain from using the system until you are ready to recover data. Using the system after a data loss will overwrite files and make recovery difficult.

3 Simple Methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Solution 1: Recover Deleted Files using File History Feature

Requirement: This method works only if 'File History' was turned ON in your system before the files were deleted.

'File History' feature is an asset in Windows when it comes to backing up your personal files and folders. It basically stores snapshots of all your files from time to time. Hence, you can use it to restore deleted files when a need arises.

To restore your files using File History,

Solution 2: Recover Deleted Files using System Restore

Requirement: Works only if a restore point was created before the files were permanently deleted from the system.

'System Restore' is a type of recovery tool available on Windows. Basically, when a system is restored to an earlier point, all the changes made to the system after that point is undone.

Hence, it can be used to recover program files and applications that are deleted accidentally. That is only if you choose a restore point when these files were still available in your system.

To restore your system from an earlier point, follow the steps below

Method 3: Use SFWare to instantly recover permanently deleted files

SFWare File Recovery Software offers you a great way to recover permanently deleted files and folders from your system. It can be used in cases when

With expert scan algorithms, SFWare File Recovery tool is able to perform a complete scan of the drive and thus recover files within a few minutes. Several types of files like Word files, Excel, PDF’s, images, videos, audio files etc. can be recovered by the tool. It supports recovery of about 300 types of file formats.

Being a highly compatible tool, SFWare software supports file recovery not only from your computers, but also from other storage devices like external hard drives, USB’s, SD cards, iPods, etc.

Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Files using SFWare Software

Recovering permanently files can be done in many different ways as explained in this write-up. If you have 'File History' or 'System Restore' enabled on your system, then recovery is possible without any additional software. However, if you don’t have these features enabled, SFWare is the best choice for you. It can recover permanently deleted files in the most user-friendly and efficient way.

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