Retrieve Missing Files from MacBook

Lost files from MacBook? Well, important files missing from MacBook can be a nightmare, and being unsure whether the files that are lost on the MacBook will be recoverable or not and makes it quite a bit worse. So, this page is going to present a file recovery tool by SFWare called as SFWare Deleted File Recovery, which has all the makings of the perfect tool for recovering lost files from MacBook. The utility SFWare Deleted File Recovery is mainly designed to do two main things: Scanning the drive or Volume thoroughly to locate missing files, and then to restore them quickly from MacBook. So, here are the steps that can be helpful in restoring missing files from MacBook.

Procedure to Retrieve Missing Files on MacBook

After downloading and launching SFWare Deleted File Recovery Application, run it by double clicking on the icon available on MacBook’s desktop. When the app is started, user can feel its interface as too simple which will describe each recovery step in detail. In the very first screen, three fundamental modes will appear. Choose “Recover Files” option. Then, the second screen will present two recovery modes: “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. So, to restore files missing on MacBook, one need to go with “Lost File Recovery” mode and need to select the drive or volume from which files are missing. Scanning process will begin and the tool recovers each and every missed file from the selected volume. What’s more, restored files can be previewed using “Preview” option before saving the files on any accessible storage device.

Note: Recovered files can be compressed in ZIP file format to save the disk space.

Possible Scenarios Wherein the Files may go Missing from MacBook

  • Applying Cut operation on some files and then forgot to paste those files on the desired location
  • Deleting some files unknowingly and emptying Trash folder
  • File system corruption of MacBook volume
  • Interruptions when moving files from MacBook to some other devices

All these above mentioned incidents can be solved if the user has maintained backup copies of all important files on any other storage devices, and can recover them from backup whenever files go missing on MacBook. If there is no backup, it is mandatory to go with file recovery tool like SFWare to perform missing MacBook files recovery. Further, there are other stuffs user needs to keep in mind to avoid files to go missing on MacBook.

  • Install a powerful antivirus software on MacBook to remove deadly viruses
  • Stop using MacBook after missing files
  • Carefully eject the device from MacBook after file transfer

More about SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software

SFWare Deleted File Recovery software ensures safe recovery of missed files on MacBook. Apart from missed files, the tool can also retrieve deleted files from Mac Trash that are removed permanently. No matter whatever the files may be (RAR files, ZIP files, PST files, PPT files, word documents, etc), the software can retrieve them from MacBook. To recover missing files, MacBook must be running with one of these operating system: Mac OS X version 10.5 (Leopard), version 10.6 (Snow Leopard), version 10.7 (Lion), version 10.8 (Mountain Lion), version 10.9 (Mavericks), version 10.10 (Yosemite), version 10.11 (El Capitan) and version 10.12 (Sierra). Not only MacBook, the tool can recover files missing on MacBook Air, and iMac laptops. What’s more, SFWare Deleted File Recovery is compatible to restore Mac OS X Volume Data formatted with HFS as well as HFS+ file systems.

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