Generic Volume Cannot be Stopped Right Now Pen Drive Error

Connecting the pen drive to the system to copy files is common process. But what if this simple process poses a problem sometimes? You are stuck with one such problem where when you try to remove the pen drive from the system, an error message pops up stating – “The device ‘Generic volume’ cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later”.

Such an error message leaves you confused and worried. How to go about fixing the error, and what about files present in the pen drive? Don’t worry, we help you out with this one. This problem might occur when there are programs running in the background. One simple solution is to disable indexing. Also, there are other ways by which you can try to fix this error message –

Fix 1: Empty the clipboard. This is done because during copy paste process, when files are copied from pen drive, they are put in the clipboard, and kept in stand-by state. So if you want to eject pen drive from the system, then this prompt will exit.

Fix 2: Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del keys to bring up the Task Manager window. Click Processes tab, look for rundll32.exe under Image Name. Select “rundll32” process, click End Process. Now you can remove your pen drive in a safe way.

Fix 3: Go to This PC, right click and select Manage. In the Computer Management window, find Device Manager and double click on it. Now select Universal Serial Bus controllers, double click and select USB Mass Storage Device. Right click on this option and select Disable option.

Hope these fixes come in handy and you are able to fix the error message and remove pen drive from the system. However, at times you may not be able to fix the issue in spite of trying out all these methods. Moreover, if you choose to ignore the error message and remove the pen drive, then you end up losing data. What will you do under such a situation? Don’t worry, you can recover files from pen drive using SFWare Digital Media Recovery tool.

Retrieve Pen Drive Data after Generic Volume cannot be Stopped Error –

SFWare Digital Media Recovery tool gets back files from pen drive lost after error while removing it from system. The tool scans the entire drive to locate the lost files and recover them in just a short while. It will restore data from Transcend USB drive, SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, etc. All your important photos, video files, documents, songs, and other data present in the pen drive will be retrieved safely.

Steps to Recover Pen Drive Data after Generic Volume Error –

  • Download and install the software on your system
  • Connect the pen drive to the system, and launch the application
  • Select Recover Photos option from the main screen, followed by Lost Photo Recovery option in the next screen
  • From the list of drives displayed, select your pen drive and click Next to initiate scanning
  • After scanning process is completed, you can preview the recovered files and save them on a preferred location

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