How to Resolve This Media File Does Not Exist Error On Your SD Card?

When you receive a media file (like a photo, video, audio etc.) in WhatsApp, the file will be saved to your SD card. Thus, the received media file is accessible from both gallery and file manager.

And, if you delete the saved media file on SD card either via gallery or file explorer or it got corrupted, then the media file becomes blurry in the WhatsApp conservation. Thus, you cannot read that media file. When you click on that media, you will receive an error message that states “Sorry this media file does not exist on your SD card”. And, the only solution for this media file does not exist on your SD card problem is to receive the media file again.

In case, you haven’t removed the received media from your SD card but, still you are facing this media doesn’t exist on your SD card error, then try below troubleshooting methods one by one until you access the file.

Fix 1: Replace It

You might have moved the files to another location unknowingly. So, to correct this, try to access media file, copy and paste it back to the Whatsapp folder. Now, try to open it again in WhatsApp.

Fix 2: Scan It

  • Connect your SD card to a Windows computer
  • Go to Start, select Run and type cmd
  • Then type attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:\*.* (f is your SD card’ drive letter)
  • Click Enter key

Fix 3: Take a Break

  • Turn off your phone
  • Remove the SD card from it
  • Wait for sometime
  • Turn on the phone and give a pause
  • Now, your phone will read entire contents of the SD card
  • Go to File Manager
  • Look for the media, which shows error message and open it

Fix 4: Unmount the Card

If the above technique fails to solve the issue, then try next one.

  • Open your phone Settings
  • Go to Storage
  • Tap on unmount SD card option
  • Wait for few minutes
  • Tap on Mount SD card
  • Go to File Manager
  • And, open the media file

If none of the above fixes resolve the error “sorry this media file does not exist on SD card” then the final option would be to format the SD card.

But, before formatting the SD card, make sure that you have got the media file from the sender. In case, you cannot re-receive the file and it is important for you, then make use of an efficient deleted media file recovery tool and recover your deleted media files from SD card.

Thinking how to recover deleted files from the SD card via media file recovery software? Then here is the answer.

SFWare Digital Media Recovery Tool:

If you don’t wish to lose important media files due to media file does not exist on SD card error, then you should grab assistance of SFWare recovery program. As this program can completely scan your SD card and shows you all deleted files in few minutes. The software works on all versions of Windows OS and Mac supported edition is also available. It has a simple interface and self-driven steps so you will not face any issue during the recovery process. Moreover, you are allowed to try the software at free of cost and you can buy it only if you are satisfied with the result. And, no need to worry regarding the type or brand of your SD card to make use of this recovery utility, it supports all storage devices of all major brands.

So, How to Recover Deleted Media Files from SD card in Few Simple Steps?

  • Install SFWare Digital Media Recovery tool on your computer and connect the SD card via USB/card reader
  • Run the application and choose Deleted Photo Recovery
  • Select your SD card from the list of accessible drives
  • Let the tool to scan the entire SD card
  • Now, your SD card files will be listed under File Type View or Data View
  • Preview your media files and save them to your preferred location (not again on SD card)

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