Recovering Hidden Files and Folders in Flash Drive

Flash drive has become one of the renowned storage device where many users prefer to keep their precious files and folders. On some situations files and folders stored in flash drive will be marked as hidden. As a result of this you cannot view those files and folders when you open flash drive device.

For better understanding let us assume one lifetime scenario as follows: “Hi everyone, I am the user of flash drive since from many years. Yesterday I tried to transfer files from flash drive to my computer hard drive. I was really shocked to see that flash drive had no visible files. My flash drive shows that it has some GB's of files in it but all were on shortcuts. Therefore I used antivirus application that scanned and cleaned flash drive. But still it was not displaying any files. However it displayed a hidden files and folders with no name. Can anyone suggest me how to restore hidden files and folders in flash drive?”

After facing such situation, you will be busy searching for a solution on how to recover hidden files and folders in flash drive? If you are the one who is struck up with such kind of issues, then here is the answer. You can find two ways to restore hidden files and folders flash drive. One way is through using CMD and other is by using flash drive data recovery software.

Some users might find difficult to restore hidden files using CMD command. Well, nothing to worry still there is an easiest method to retrieve hidden files and folders from flash drive. Using a reliable flash drive recovery tool for recovering hidden files and folders in flash drive, you can overcome hidden file issues on flash drive.

Which software must be used for recovering hidden files and folders in flash drive?

One such application that helps you to restore hidden files and folders in flash drive is SFWare Recover Digital Media Tool. Download SFWare Program in your computer, connect flash drive to it and start recovering hidden files and folders from flash drive in few minutes. It is equipped with user friendly interface, hence even a laymen can complete hidden files and folders recovery process with ease. SFWare has advanced scanning methodology, it completely scans flash drive and allows you to learn how to retrieve hidden files and folders flash drive quickly.

Read some common scenarios that lead to loss of hidden files and folders in flash drive:

  • Deletion Issue: You hide some important official files on other folder. Unfortunately you hit on delete option while deleting other unimportant folder in flash drive.
  • Forgot Location: Sometimes you might forget the location of hidden folders where you have stored in flash drive.
  • Files Hidden by Viruses: If your flash drive is infected from deadly viruses then it hides all your files and folders in the drive.
  • Frequent Power Failure: Improper termination of computer can results in disappearing of certain files and folders from flash drive.

Never be upset after losing hidden files and folders from flash drive which is caused by any of the above reasons or others. This is because SFWare Digital Media Recovery Tool allows you to recover hidden files and folders flash drive in few clicks.

Important features of SFWare Digital Media Recovery Tool:

  • SFWare Tool will restore different file types like audio files, video files, photo files, etc. that are hidden on flash pen drive
  • It has an ability to retrieve hidden files which are deleted even from formatted or not detectable flash drive
  • Easily recovers data from bad Thumb drive in few minutes
  • You can also employ this program to recover hidden files from SD, XD, CF, SDHC, SDSC, MMC, hard drives, portable hard drives and other data storage devices
  • SFWare Program can be utilized for retrieving hidden files flash drives manufactured by HP, SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar, Toshiba, Adata, Kingston and many other brands
  • Can easily restore files from FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT and other file systems

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