Data Recovery from GoPro Saying no SD Card Error

“I inserted a memory card on my Go Pro to shoot for a new session today. To my bad luck, I got an error message 'No SD'. I also re-inserted the card multiple times to verify. But, I still get the same error message. Is there any way I can recover data from the card? It is really important that I get back the data. Any help is appreciated. ”

Well! Certainly, data can be recovered from your memory card. It is a common situation encountered by many users. It indicates that camera is unable to communicate with the SD card. Here, we provide you information on how to recover your data and repair your card. Read on to learn more.

Confirm that the SD is properly inserted

First, make sure the SD card is properly inserted in the camera. Now, turn on the camera and verify that it still shows ‘No SD’.

If the camera still shows ‘No SD’, you will have to recover data and reformat the card.

How to recover data from Go Pro device with ‘No SD’ error?

In order to recover data from memory cards that show ‘No SD’ error, you will need professional data recovery tools. SF Ware data recovery software is a great tool to perform data recovery efficiently. It scans your memory using powerful algorithms and retrieves data.

  • On the main screen, select Recover Photos option
  • In the next screen, choose between Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery based on the data loss scenario
  • Select the drive from which CR2 files have to be recovered i.e. the SD card, and click Next
  • When the recovery process is completed, a list of retrieved files will be displayed. Preview the files and save required ones on a location of your choice.

Once you have recovered data from memory card, you can reformat it using a computer.

How to reformat your card?

Connect your memory card to the system using a card reader and follow the steps below.

  • Press Windows + E to open File Explorer
  • Right click on your SD card and select Format
  • In the Format window, select an appropriate file system.
  • Then select Quick Format and click Start

This will erase all data and your card will be formatted. Now eject your card from the computer safely and connect it to your GoPro. If your display is normal, you are all set.

If it shows an error message 'SD ERR', go to Settings on your camera and select the trash can icon to delete/format your card.

After performing this step, if the error persists, there may be a problem with your SD card or camera. Then try connecting a second SD card to your camera and verify. This will help narrow down the cause of trouble.

More on SF Ware Media Recovery Software:

The software can perform recovery of all media files such as photos, audio and video etc. It supports a wide variety of formats of all media files.

  • Audio formats supported - MP3, MP4, etc.
  • Video file formats - AVI, MP4, MOV etc.
  • Photo file formats - JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.
  • RAW images captured on professional DSLR cameras.

In addition to recovering data from memory cards, it can also be used with internal and external hard drives and USB’s.

At times, your memory card may turn RAW. This happens mainly when abruptly removed from the camera during a data transfer process. In such cases, you can use SF Ware for RAW SD card recovery.

Compatibility of SF Ware Media Recovery Software:

  • Supports all Windows versions including the latest Windows 10
  • A variant of the software is also available for Mac users. Supports all Mac OS versions including the latest High Sierra.
  • All file systems such as HFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS etc. are supported.

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