Recovering Deleted Camera Roll & Saved Pictures on Windows 10

With the invention of camera, almost all of us store our different memories in the form of various pictures. These pictures prove to be an escape into our past experiences and memories, and are of great importance to the user.

Most of the users store these pictures and files on their systems. At one point or the other, users might have encountered the situation of accidentally deleting their important files and folders.

In Windows 10, pictures are displayed in two folders, Camera Roll and Saved Pictures. This is a unique feature in Windows 10, displaying pictures in two default subfolders. Sometimes, while removing massive amounts of files, users might have deleted their important files and folders unknowingly.

If you are among those users who have accidentally deleted their important files and folders in Windows 10, then there is no need to panic. This article helps you in the successful recovery of your deleted Camera Roll and Saved Pictures folder in Windows 10 with the use of certain simple steps.

In order to successfully restore your lost or deleted images on Windows 10, keep in mind the following things:

  • After you have accidentally deleted the files, try not to write any new data into the computer’s hard drive as this will decrease your chances of successful recovery.
  • Unless you have come up with a reliable and genuine solution to recover your files, don’t try to recover your files using other methods as this may result in your files being lost forever.
  • Formatting your hard drive or any such wrong operations prevent them from being recoverable in the future.
  • Choose a different location for saving your files after recovery as saving the recovered files to the same location would overwrite the disk images of the deleted data and prevent you from further recovery.

Solutions for Recovering Deleted Camera Roll Pictures in Windows 10

You can easily recover your deleted Camera Roll and Saved pictures folder in Windows 10 manually or with the help of a reliable third party software designed specifically for this purpose. But if you have permanently deleted your files using the Shift + Delete keys, then the first step may prove to be a failure. Step by Step guide to successfully recover your files is provided below:

Solution I - Manual Recovery:

Before proceeding any further after file deletion, make sure you check the recycle bin first for the deleted files. Users might have deleted the files by using ‘Right Click + Delete’, or by simply dragging the folders into the Recycle Bin, or just selecting the folders and using the “Delete” button on the keyboard.

Since the above steps will not permanently delete the files, you can recover the deleted files from within the recycle bin.

Solution II - Recovering with SFWare Digital Media Recovery Software

If your files are not present in the Recycle Bin, then you might have deleted them permanently. Deploying the ‘Shift + Delete’ Buttons, making use of the Windows 10 Disk Cleanup tool or a third party data wiping tool and accidental drive formatting may result in permanent deletion of the files.

Although you would not be able to see the deleted files, the images of these files would be stored under the “deleted” section in your system. During such instances, making use of a reliable data recovery tool is the right option. SFWare Digital Media Recovery tool is specifically designed for this purpose. The software provides option of recovering upto 300 types of files. It also can recover deleted photos from Nikon Coolpix, Kodak, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, and other branded cameras with utmost ease.

Step by Step Process for Recovering Camera Roll Pictures in Windows 10:

  • Download SFWare Digital Media Recovery software and install it on your system
  • Launch the application and from the main window, select the option ‘Recover Photos’ option.
  • In the next window, select either 'Recover Deleted Photos' or 'Recover Lost Photos' option according to the data loss scenario.
  • From the list of displayed drives, select the drive from which the files were lost, and click on the 'Next' option to start the scanning process.
  • Once the scanning process is completed, the tool will display the list of files that it has recovered. You can preview your files using the 'Preview' option before saving them to a new location.
  • Save the recovered files to a new location, as saving them in the drive from where the data is lost may result in overwriting data and other lost files cannot be recovered.

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