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“I have created a folder on my computer and saved all the media files such as photos, videos and music in it. But yesterday while cleaning my desktop from unwanted files. I have mistakenly erased the folder containing media files. I have searched for those files in Recycle Bin folder but could not find it. Does anyone know how can I recover deleted media files from computer?”

Above detailed situation is one of the example which describes media file loss from computer. Many of the users have come across this type of issue of losing media files from their system. When you remove any file from your computer, it should get redirected to Recycle Bin folder. But in case size of the file is more than Recycle Bin holding capacity, then deleted files does not get stored in Recycle Bin, rather files will be permanently deleted from that specific computer. In above explained problem, media files have bypassed Recycle Bin due to its large size. But there's nothing to feel bad for losing media files because with the utilization of digital media recovery software named SFWare Digital Media Recovery, one can easily restore deleted media files without leaving a single file.

SFWare Digital Media Recovery Software is incorporated with many features which will assist you in recovering deleted media files like photos, videos, music and lots more from various storage devices. To use this application you need not be much technically skilled as the steps involved in it are very easy and everyone can understand those steps without any problem. With the aid of this digital media software, you could be able to learn how to retrieve deleted media files easily from computer hard drive, external hard drive, iPod, digital camera, iPod, portable media player etc. In addition to this, it will provide 'Preview' of recovered media files so that you can test its quality before saving to the desired location.

Reasons liable for Deletion of Media files:

  • There are users who keep on deleting files from their computer in order to add new files. But while deleting one might accidentally delete important media files using Shift + Delete combination keys
  • If you enable the option “Don’t move files to Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted” option then deleted media files will not be saved in Recycle Bin
  • When you erase any media file from external storage media then it will be deleted immediately without getting stored in Recycle Bin
  • Accidental formatting while trying to format unwanted partition could result in erasing entire data along with media files from your computer

If you do not wish to lose your important media files due to any of the above reason then you should keep backup of important media files. If you are late to backup or the media files which you want back are not present in backup then it is advised to download SFWare Digital Media Recovery Software immediately and in few minutes recover deleted media files and even lost media files from Mac (Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard) and Windows OS as well.

How to Recover Deleted Media Files in Few Simple Steps:

  • First of all download SFWare Digital Media Recovery Tool and place it in your PC. Once the installation process is completed run it to kickoff the recovery
  • Connect external storage device in case you want to perform restoring of deleted media files from it
  • Once you start the application, you will find two fundamental options on the screen which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to get back deleted media files
  • Now you can view all the drives present in your computer
  • Select the appropriate drive from where you wish to restore deleted media files
  • Permit the application to scan entire disk and then pick recoverable files
  • Check undeleted media files using “Preview” option and finally you can store those files in a location that you wish
  • Can also be implied to restore deleted photos from Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 respectively

Safety Measures:

  • Do not use "Shift + Delete" keys to erase media files
  • It is a good practice to keep backup of important media files before commencing any operation like deletion or formatting
  • Keep on scanning your computer with antivirus software so that it does not get affected with harmful viruses

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