Recovering Lost Songs on iTunes

What if you lose your music files from iTunes? Obviously, all your favorite song collections will be lost and you’ll be in the most regretting moment as you couldn’t find how to get back lost songs on iTunes. Need solutions to let your regret fade away? Then, read this article, here we will show you easy methods which will restore songs lost from your iTunes library easily.

Note- Before attempting any recovery process, ensure that you have not written any new content on your iTunes.

Method #1: Solution Within iTunes

  • Exit iTunes and navigate to Home folder-> Music folder->iTunes folder
  • Search for a file named as iTunes Music Library.xml
  • When you locate the file, drag it out from the iTunes folder
  • You can drag it to any location
  • Then, remove the file named as iTunes Library.itl
  • Now, open iTunes and select File menu
  • And, click on Library and hit Import Playlists option
  • Select the iTunes Music Library.xml that you got from iTunes folder

It will restore all the missing songs back to iTunes. In case, this method doesn’t help you out in getting back your missing/lost songs, then try out the second method.

Method #2: Take External Help

You can make use of recovery software in order to restore lost songs. And, recovering lost songs on iTunes is much more easy and simple process with the aid of SFWare Digital Media Recovery Software. Hence, download the software to computer on which iTunes is present and follow the simple steps to get your songs back to iTunes. Whatever may be the reason behind the loss of music from iTunes, this software has the potential to deal with those causes and eventually to recover lost music from iTunes.

Guide to Restore Missing Songs from iTunes-

Install downloaded SFWare Digital Media Recovery Software and launch it to proceed further.

  • Select "Recover Photos" option
  • In second screen, click on “Lost Photo Recovery” option to retrieve missing song tracks
  • Next, select the drive from which iTunes music files are missing
  • You can choose the particular song to be recovered from iTunes or simply keep this step as optional
  • Once you click on "Next" button, the software scans that drive within few span of time
  • Later, screen shows a list of recovered files
  • Examine the list of songs restored and Preview any selected file using "Preview" button
  • Finally, "Save" recovered songs on your preferred location

Know More About SFWare Digital Media Recovery Application-

This utility not only helps in recovering lost songs, but also has the ability to restore other types of media files like videos and images along with music files. This toolkit recovers lost or deleted songs and other media files stored on various storage devices say memory cards, pen drives, portable hard drive, iPods, memory sticks and so on devices. This wizard can be installed on any Mac system running with OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra operating systems.

Friendly Options Available in SFWare Digital Media Recovery Application

Preview: Using this “Preview” option, you can view all the recovered songs once the recovery process is done. In fact, this option allows you to estimate the real time song recovery results before saving the restored songs on any user defined location.

Save Recovery Session: This feature can save the current scanned results there by reducing the rescan process on the next run and hence saves your precious time.

Find: This functionality can be used to locate the recovered files in the list based on its file signatures like name, size, type, and date of creation.

Causes for the Loss of Music Files from iTunes

Literally, if a user finds any issue with iTunes, he himself tries to resolve it by employing certain manual procedures. If he has less knowledge about what each option does, he might end up in losing music files from iTunes. So, it is better to take the advice of technical expert in conducting such operations instead of doing erroneously.

Even iTunes application needs to be updated periodically just like other software applications. However, if the update is done wrongly or if any interruption like system shutdown, power failure happens during the upgrade process, it might affect the iTunes software and finally results in the loss of iTunes songs.

Further, if your iTunes app is affected by any virus, then there are high chances of losing iTunes tracks. Hence, it is suggested to keep authorized antivirus software to remove deadly viruses from your computer.

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