How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Micro SD Card

Today’s generation is personified by daily consumptions and many innovative creations of digital content that market is introducing nowadays that also includes videos, audio files, images, music and other media files. This arises the question of storage, which help you store these files safely.

Micro SD Card is one such storage devices that will help you store any media file into it and carry along with you wherever you go. It is a type of removable flash memory cards that are often used for storing photos and other documents into it. These are the smallest memory cards that are used in mobile phones, newer type of handheld GPS devices, different audio and media players, iPod, digital cameras, USB drives and in many other storage devices. The small adapters present in these cards make Micro SD card to fit in any devices that have slots for standard SD cards, Mini SD, Memory sticks and etc. It also varies in size, such as you get different storage capacities in it like 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, etc. You can make use of any size according to your wish.

In this page we’ll discuss about deleted photos recovery from 64GB Micro SD Card and what are the common causes for the photos to get deleted.

Common Reasons for Photos Deletion From 64 GB Micro SD Card

  • Accidental deletion of the images
  • When the Micro SD card is infected with virus
  • If the Micro SD card is infected with virus, then it might make you lose infected files, photos and other data present 64GB Card
  • Improper method of transferring the images from Micro SD Card to computer or to any other device using “cut paste” method, if it not followed properly then you may have to end up losing pictures or files present in the Micro Card
  • Micro SD Card file corruption will also make you lose photos
  • If the card is showing as “disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now?”, if you click on yes then your card will get formatted which will remove entire files and folders present in it. If you say no, then it will not allow you to access the card

If you have come across such situation and you really searching for recovering ways, then SFWare Digital Media Recovery Software will help you restoring deleted photos without altering the original file. So, this tool is perfect to retrieve images from 2GB SD Card to 64GB Micro SD Card.

Salient Features:

SFWare Digital Media Recovery a user-friendly recovery tool, helps in recovery of deleted photos from 64GB Micro SD Card in just few minutes. The software is compatible on all versions of Windows Operating System like Windows Server 2008, 2003, Vista, XP, 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10.

The tool offers an option where you can select only the deleted photos from the list of recovered files.

Offers multiple saving location to save the recovered photos. You can save either in few folder or to a CD/DVD.

You can save the recovery session, so that you can resume the session any time you want. This feature helps you from scan the card all over again to recover data later.

Steps to Retrieve 64GB Micro SD Card Deleted Photos:

  • Download SFWare Digital Media Recovery Software on your Windows OS device
  • Connect your 64GB micro SD Card to the software installed system
  • Choose “Recover Photos” option from the first screen and then select “Recover Deleted Photos” option, then tool will display the list of accessible drives here select 64GB Micro SD Card drive and click on “Next” option
  • The software scans the SD card and displays all the recovered data. In the same window choose “Show deleted” to display only deleted files and folders.
  • You can Preview the files by clicking or skip the step to save them to your desired destination.

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