Recover Data from Windows Phone SD Card

There has been a change in the air! Windows phone by Microsoft has offered wide range of choices for the mobile users. It has gained a lot of popularity in some areas even though the global market share of Windows phone is not as good as Android and Apple phones. The people who like the way Microsoft does the things think Windows phone as the powerful data phone to store photos, videos and other files. However, human mistakes like accidental deletion of files or format of Windows phone SD card, and virus infection on card may cause data to be lost. For example

“I accidentally deleted all photos of my little son's birthday from my phone's SD card. It's Windows phone. Is there any way I can recover data from Windows phone SD card? It would mean a lot if you can help me to find them back. Thanks in advance.”

So, is it possible to get back data from Windows phone sd card? How to backup Windows phone SD card data? Continue reading to explore the answer

Recovery of Windows Phone SD Card Data is Possible!

This page is presenting two powerful methods of recovery which helps in learning how to retrieve files from Windows phone sd card easily. Here are those methods.

Method 1: Get Back SD card Data from Windows Zune Backup

For managing and organizing media data on SD card, most of the Windows phones use Zune software. If you have installed this software, all the data will be recovered automatically along with settings after you connect Windows phone to computer. It will be easier to recover data from Windows phone sd card if you did a recent backup of data in Zune. Follow these steps to restore data from Windows phone sd card

  • Attach Windows Phone to computer
  • Run Zune tool
  • Go to settings > Choose phone > Go to Update > Select Restore
  • To complete the procedure, follow the onscreen procedure

If this solution does not make any sense in recovering Windows phone SD card data, then the default solution will be using SFWare Digital Media Recovery Software.

Method 2: Restore Windows phone SD card with SFWare Digital Media Recovery App

If your Windows phone doesn’t have Zune Backup, Windows phone SD card recovery is still possible. Whenever data on SD card is lost or deleted, the data will be not wiped out permanently. Instead, only the space where files were occupied is indicate as free for new storage. In this case, SFWare Digital Media Recovery Program is helpful in recovering Windows phone SD card data until and unless the data on card gets overwritten. Steps to retrieve Windows phone SD card are as follows…

  • Pull out the SD card from Windows phone and insert it into computer
  • Select the appropriate option among “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” options
  • Choose Windows phone SD card drive and click on “Next” to continue with the procedure
  • The app will scan SD card and recovers all data present on SD card
  • Mark the required data, "Preview" and save them on any preferred location or device

Features of SFWare Digital Media Recovery Utility

  • Simple Graphical User Interface
  • It has the caliber to restore deleted media files of various types stored on Windows phone SD card/memory card like photos, videos, audios, etc.
  • It can recover data from different flash cards of different Windows Phones like Windows 8, Lumia 530, 640 XL, 520, 620, 10, and many more
  • It is supportive for the recovery of RAW images of various formats
  • Other than SD card, the app can retrieve data from USB drives, iPods, internal and external hard drives
  • Compatible with all the major versions of Windows Operating system to install software - Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Server 2008 and Server 2003

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