In order to manage and store large volumes of data, day by day the demand for external hard drive among Windows and Mac PC users is increasing. It is extensively used to transfer huge volume of data between computers. Interruptions during data transfer or due to corruptions external hard drives are highly vulnerable to data loss. In such cases, data recovery experts suggest not to use the external drive to read or write data until the recovery process is completed.

Now let us see a few scenarios where data can be lost from external hard drive.

Scenarios Where External Hard Drive is Used to Recover Data

  • Accidental deletion of files: Windows and Mac PC users are prone to lose the data due to accidental deletion from the storage devices. Recover deleted files from external hard drive or to restore shift + deleted files is a tedious task for the users.

  • Formatting or re-formatting drive: It is common among the users to format the brand new users external drive, but sometimes users tend to hard format the drive without taking data backup and it results in data loss. Changing the file system FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS, HFS+ of the drive also causes data loss.

  • Abrupt un-plugging of drive: Whenever the external hard drive is in use, improper ejection of the drive results in data loss or malfunction of the device.

  • Bad sectors: External hard drives or any storage device is built with minute sectors. Each sector is used to store data in the device. Whenever a sector becomes unreadable, it does not allow the OS to read or write any information. So, the data becomes inaccessible to the user.

  • Malware attack: Electronic devices operated with software are prone to malware attack. A minute malicious software can cause severe damage to the device and the data stored in the device disappears without a notice to the user.

  • Power failure: A sudden power failure or a surge interrupts the functioning of the external hard drive. This affects the data stored in the device and it also leads to data loss due to unsaved documents.

  • Important Note: External hard drives are manufactured with fragile materials; rough handling of the device causes damage to the casing and connectors of the device. Any minute disconnection between the outer case and core device leads to “external hard drive not detected error”. When External hard drive is physically damaged, externa hard drive data recovery becomes impossible.

    Can External Drive Data be Recovered?

    Yes, you can recover data from external drives. Be it deleted or formatted you can always get your data back with the help of safe and secure data recovery software. When data is deleted from the drive, only the logical access is removed, i.e, the pointers that holds the address of the files is erased. Eventually, that space will be marked to be reused by the new data saving on the disk. Therefore, with the help of an effective tool you can easily recover data from external drive from severe data loss conditions.

    SFWare external hard drive data recovery software is one of the most trusted data recovery software used by majority of PC users. Extensive search algorithm of this tool scans each sectors of the drive to recover all of the of lost or deleted or formatted data from external storage devices.

    How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive?

    To recover data from external hard drive, you have to download and install SFWare external hard drive recovery tool on Windows or Mac PC

    Caution: It is recommended not to use same external hard drive to save the recovered files. Using it will reduce the chances of restoring entire lost or deleted data from the external hard drive.

    As you have successfully recovered data from external hard drive, if you have missed to restore any important files. Use Open Recovery Session option to go back and recover the file from external hard drive.

    Why SFWare external hard drive data recovery?

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