How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive Not recognized?

Updated on Febraury 4, 2020

Is your external hard drive that not showing up on your computer? There could be various reasons that results in hard drive error. However, with a safe and secure tool you can recover data from the unrecognised drive. SFWare hard drive recovery tool available for both Windows and Mac versions can easily recover deleted, lost, corrupt and formatted data from any external drive. Download Now to recover your important data from any storage drive including Samsung, WD, Transcend, Toshiba and other external drives

In the past few years, there have been a lot of advancements in the external hard drive technology. They are becoming fast and secure and yet, they still have certain limitations and drawbacks. External hard drive not recognized is one of those errors.

Why external device doesn’t show up on the computer?

The problem could be the impact of several possible causes like partition issues on the external drive, using the wrong file system, dead USB ports or driver issues in Windows. In a worst case scenario, the drive itself may be dead. With the right set of instructions, you can fix external device not recognised error and recover data from the same drive.

The issue of an external hard drive is not recognized is common on both Windows and Mac platforms. Beside Windows, Mac is more prone to this problem. The reason behind this problem is Apple uses a different file system. So before assuming that your external hard drive is damaged, check the file system of hard drive. Click here to know how to fix the external hard drive not showing up in Mac.

How do I fix my external hard drive not being recognized?

When you connect a hard drive to a computer it should be listed in the Windows File Explorer. If it is not listed along with other available drives on the computer take it as a first warning. Before proceeding to recover data, lets us have a look on few methods that helps you troubleshoot the external drive not recognised problem.

If you encounter the error message saying USB (external hard drive) disk drive is not detected, workout with the below mentioned solutions.

1. Verify the physical connection: A bad connection is among the most common problems that could block your computer detecting the external drive. Primarily, verify the connection between your PC and external hard drive is accurate.

2. Out Dated Drivers: Device drivers are responsible for smooth interaction between hard drives and computer. If the problem is due to outdated device driver, you can easily resolve it by updating drivers or reinstalling with new drivers.

3. Create new partition: If you are connecting external storage drive for the first time, the error would appear because the drive has never been formatted with a file system. Without a file system, the storage space on the drive is unusable. You can go to disk management and create a new partition on the external hard drive and assign it with a drive letter. After completion of the process, your computer will recognize the drive.

4. Raw Partition: A device with Raw Partition means the entire file system of a storage device is crashed. Regardless of which OS you are working on. If the file system is crashed your computer will not detect the storage device. To fix a RAW drive you just need to format the external hard drive with a new file system using disk management.

You can access disk management through the start menu. Start > search Disk Management > Press Enter. Once you are in the disk management, you can see all the available devices. Select the unrecognized external storage device and format it with a new file system.

Note: It is highly recommended to recover data from the drive before formatting because the format process erases all the data stored on the drive.

If you are wondering how to recover data from the external hard drive that is not showing, here is the easy solution to resolve the problem.

SFWare external hard drive recovery software is designed to recover data from external hard drive of any data loss situation including formatting and corruption on the drive. the tool supports NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, FAT32 and other file systems on all Windows and Mac versions.

Just click on the download button and recover your vital data from unrecognised external drive in few minutes.

How to recover data from undetected external hard disk?

To recover data from the undetected external hard disk, download and install the SFWare external hard drive recovery software. Connect your storage drive and launch the application.

Step 1: Click on Drive/ Partition recovery, which will advance you to available storage devices on the computer

SFWare main screen

Step 2: In the available devices, select your corrupt or unrecognised external hard drive and click Next for scanning the drive

SFWare tools screenshot to select drive to recover data unrecognized external hard drive

Step 3: After a successful scan, you can see available partitions. Select the partition and click on Next for scanning the partition

Step 4: Recovered external drive data can either be viewed in Data View or File Type View. If you are satisfied with the results, Save the recovered files in the desired location on your computer.

Display of recovered data in  data view file type view


Whenever a storage device is at risk you should also notice that the important information is also in jeopardy. Fixing an unrecognized external hard drive can be difficult but, you can try recovering the data from the drive once you fix the error. Before repairing external hard drive backup its contents. However, With SFWare external hard drive recovery software you can easily recover your data from the drive.