How to Recover External Hard Drive Not recognized?

In the past few years, there has been a lot of advancements in the external hard drive technology. They are becoming fast, secure and large and yet, they still have some unresolved issues. The external hard drive is not recognized is one of those issues. Although, with the right set of instructions you can resolve this issue and recover data from unrecognized external hard drives. without any further due scroll down to know how to recover external hard drive not recognizrd

External Hard Drive Not Detected or Not Recognized

How to confirm that your External hard drive is not detected by your operating system. When you connect a hard drive to a computer it should be listed in the windows explorer. If it is not listed with other available drives on the computer take it as a  first warning. Before proceeding to conclusion troubleshoot the external drive with system utility. If it returns with the error message saying USB disk drive is not detected, consider your hard drive is not detected.

External hard drive not detected on Mac

The issue of an external hard drive is not recognized is common on both Windows and Apple platforms. Unlike Windows, Mac has more chances of running into this error. The reason behind this problem is due to Apple uses a different file system. So before assuming that your external hard drive is damaged, check the file system of hard drive.

You can always reformat the external drive and make it reusable. Always make a back up of existing data so that you don’t erase it. Once erased, it is difficult to restore data.

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Reasons for unrecognized External Hard drive:

Always remember that before attempting to fix the problem know the causes. In matter of an unrecognized hard drive, problem is either due to either hardware or software.

Hardware Issues: Hardware related issues are difficult to repair. You can make sure the cause by going through the following list.

Dead USB Port: Make sure that your USB port is working accurately. There might be a chance port is not working or the connecting pins inside the port are worn out. It is recommended to change the port or check by connecting hard drive to another computer.

Power Supply:  Some external hard drives comes with its own power source or adapter. Cross check how it is working or not. Power supply is the problem you can switch it with a new one

Physical Damage: External hard drives are prone to physical damage. you should maintain it with care. It is appreciated if you maintain a specific place for all your external hard drives. In the situation of SD cards or flash drive maintaining a container will also prevent them from losing.

Considering the problem is due to hardware, you can repair damaged external storage device by consulting a hardware expert. Because of the external storage devices are sensitive and if you don’t have experience, you will damage the device forever and erase data on it.

Software Issues: If none of the previously discussed situations is your problem, then it is because of software. Which can be

Create new partition: If you are connecting external storage drive for the first time it is because the drive is never been formatted. You can go to disk management and create a new partition on the external hard drive and assign it with a drive letter. After completion of the process, your computer will recognize the drive.

Out Dated Drivers: Device drivers are responsible for smooth interaction between hard drives and computer. Outdated or bad drivers will fail to recognize the external hard drive. You can easily resolve it by updating drivers or reinstalling with new.

Raw Partition: A device with Raw Partition means the entire file system of a storage device is crashed. Regardless of which OS you are working on if the file system is crashed your computer will not detect the storage device.

Fixing a RAW drive is a simple process. You just need to format the external hard drive with a new file system using disk management. You can access disk management through the start menu. Start > search Disk Management > Press Enter. Once you are in the disk management, you can see all the available devices. Select the unrecognized external storage device and format it with a new file system.

First, you need to back up the contents of storage device before formatting. You can find out how to recover data from undetected hard drive in the next section.

Recover data from not Detected External hard drive:

Unrecognized or not detected external hard drive is a typical issue that can be fixed. However, the important thing you should remember is your crucial information on that drive is at risk. Recovering data from an external hard drive can be easy and here is how.

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Fixing an unrecognized or not recognized external hard drive can be difficult but, that is not the major issue here. Whenever a storage device is at risk you should also notice that the important information is also in jeopardy. So before starting to repair external hard drive backup its contents. However, it is not easy to access an unrecognized storage device without using an data recovery software. This article explains to you about what are the reasons and how to recover data from an unrecognized external hard drive.