How to Recover Data from Hard Drive with Bad Sectors?

Updated on September 03, 2022

It’s no wonder your data gets lost when bad sectors occur on your hard drive. If you are worried for the lost important data, you are just one click away from recovering it. Yes, recover your data from hard drives severely affected by bad sectors. Download the Software now and recover data from hard drives with bad sectors

What are Bad Sectors on Hard Drive?

Bad sectors are usually a result of wear and tear of the hard drive. Physically the smallest storage unit on the hard drive is called a sector. When the sector gets damaged the hard drive appears to be defective and doesn’t respond to any read or write operations on the drive.

Bad sectors are of two types and could occur both on magnetic hard drive as well as Solid state drives. Bad sectors that are a consequence of physical damage cannot be repaired; and hence recovering data in such cases is not possible. Bad sectors caused by software errors or logical errors can be fixed and data can easily be retrieved from the hard drive.

What causes bad sectors on hard drives?

Can I recover data from a hard drive with bad sector?

Yes, you can recover data easily from hard disks affected by bad sectors due to software errors. Therefore keeping your hard drive backed up is always rewarding. Even if the whole hard drive is corrupted, you can simply format it and recover it using this backup.

What if you have no back up? Worried about your important data? How do I bypass bad sectors on a hard drive? There are some effective ways to fix the hard drive and perform data recovery methods that can help you recover files from hard drives with bad sectors.

Fixing a bad sector might not always be successful. At the same time losing your important data along with the drive can be disheartening. If you have already tried and failed to fix bad sectors and are looking for a way to recover data from the drive, here is what you can do. Download the SFWare Hard Recovery software for free and recover your data from disk with bad sectors.

How to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors?

Download the SFWare hard drive recovery software and install it on your computer Launch the application