Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive

Easy steps to recover data from dead hard drive using one of the best reliable dead hard drive recovery software. Try it and restore data from dead hard disk in a few clicks.

Is It Possible to Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive?

Typically, a dead hard drive doesn’t respond when you try to boot the computer. Even if the system boots, the drive makes unusual noise in middle and stops all of a sudden. That’s an end; you can’t access the hard drive further!

Then, what about the data saved on the dead hard drive? Need not worry, you can recover data from dead hard drive until components of the drive functions. All you need is a hard drive recovery tool to recover files from dead hard drive. the tool comes handy to recover data from dead hard drive in a few simple and safe steps.

Data Recovery from Dead Hard Disk

SFWare hard drive recovery software scans the entire dead hard drive and restores files and folders from it in less span of time. The tool can recover data from dead hard drive without altering the original file names and directory structures.

The tool also helps to restore data from corrupt hard drive, repartitioned disk, formatted/reformatted drive, unbootable hard drive, deleted, lost or inaccessible partition, and more. It supports data recovery from various hard drive interfaces such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. The tool also supports data recovery from flash memory cards, external USB drives, external hard disks, iPods, FireWire drives, and other storage devices.

How to Recover Data from A Dead Hard Drive?

Step 1: Connect your dead hard drive as a secondary drive to a working Windows computer.

Step 2: Launch SFWare Hard Drive Recovery tool and click on the Partition Recovery button.

Step 3: Next, you can see all the available drives on the computer. Select your dead hard drive along with its shown partitions.

Step 4: If you want to recover specific files, mention File Types in the list; else click on the Skip button.

Step 5: The software scans and shows entire recovered data from the dead hard drive. Select and verify your required files.

Step 6: Step 6: If the result is satisfactory, Save recovered data on the working computer hard drive.

Precautionary Note About Hard Drive Failure:

Master Boot Record corruption, registry file corruption, the presence of more bad sectors count on a hard disk, improper installation/upgrading of an operating system, wrong formatting/reformatting of drive etc. are the common reasons for the failure of hard disk drives.

And, before a hard drive fails, it may show symptoms like slow startup/slow processing speed, the computer hangs every now and then, files take a long time to load etc. Then, eventually the hard drive may die, and you lose access to your files and folders present in it.

So, it is advised to perform formatting/reformatting, reinstallation or partitioning of hard drives carefully. And, never forget to backup important data saved on your hard drive; in case the drive exhibits any indication that it is nearing failure. If you fail to take backup of the data, you can make use of the SFWare hard drive recovery tool to retrive data from any formatted/ reformatted drives.