How to Recover Formatted data from Partitions of Hard Drive?

Posted on October 06, 2021

There could be various reasons to format the hard drive from drive getting corrupt to bad sectors on the drives or errors that prompts ‘The disk in drive needs formatting’ messages. Irrespective of the error that force you to format the drive, you can easily recover your formatted data using SFWare Hard Drive Recovery tool. The tool that scans every corner of your formatted drive’s partition and finds all the lost files in it within minutes!

What is Formatting and Why is it important to format the drive/partition?

Formatting is nothing but erasing data on your disk. Though formatting erases the data existing on your hard drive, it helps new files to be written onto it. This process ensures that the file system is compatible with your device and cleans any malware and virus from the drive.

There are 2 ways to format the drive, one is a Quick Format (or a high-level format) and the other is a complete format (low-level format). Complete Format basically erases all the data on the hard disk including the low-level sectors. That is, all your drive data will be overwritten by 0's. This is the most secure way of formatting to keep your drive clean. Also, complete format leaves very little scope for data recovery.

Quick Format on the other hand, only removes the address details of the data present on the hard drive. But the actual data remains on the drive and can be recovered if need to be.

When you quick format a disk, the system marks the disk as 'free'. As a result, the drive will be ready to accept new data written to it, thus overwriting the old data without completely erasing it.

Scenarios that lead you to format the drive/ partition and cause data loss

Due to corruption, bad sectors, virus attacks or other reasons, the system may display errors that prompt you to format the drive. Proceeding with formatting in such cases causes data loss. Some of the errors you may see are.

Not only these errors, other errors related to drive corruption or file system prompts to format the drive to keep the drive safe from any error causing virus.

Can Data Be Recovered After Formatting A Partition of Hard Drive?

Yes, it is possible to recover data even after formatting, provided you don’t use the hard drive any further. To recover data from the formatted hard drive, all you want is a trusted Hard drive Recovery tool.

With SFWare, not only formatted but corrupted data from the hard drive can also be recovered. Built with efficient scanning techniques, SFWare offers the most streamlined approach to recover files from a formatted hard drive. It works flawlessly on all different brands of HDD's and SSD's and is available for both Windows and Mac!

Recover Formatted Data from the Hard Drive

Download and install the SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Software and follow the below steps to recover formatted data from the partition: