How to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive:

Updated on Febraury 4, 2020

"SFWare hard drive recovery tool is a one stop solution to recover files from laptop hard drive after complex data loss scenarios. This recovery tool is programmed with extensive search algorithm that can perform efficient data recovery on Windows laptop & Apple Macbook."

The need to recover files from laptop hard drive occurs when your laptop malfunctions due to hardware/ physical issues or OS/ software issues. Under both the conditions you face problems related to data loss. With respect to addressing the data inaccessibility problem, this article talks about two effective ways to recover data from laptop hard drive. One among them is about how SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Tool has helped over million users to restore data from hard drive without any technical assistance.

Among many instances of data loss faced by a Windows or Mac users, SFWare hard drive recovery tool has been their first choice to recover files from hard drive. This is the most reliable and downloaded recovery software to address data loss due to system failure issues. SFWare hard drive data recovery tool is enabled with a highly efficient search algorithm that makes this tool to perform quick data recovery from corrupt, formatted hard drive without afftecting the integrity of the data.

Data loss can occur due to human errors caused manually or due to internal failures that may be either hardware related or software realted. By counting all possible data loss scenarios, SFWare Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool is developed with an robust code to perform seamless data recovery under any unavoidable circumstances.

Whenever a laptop turns unresponsive, most of the users assume the data stored in laptop hard drive is completely gone. But in real-time, minor connectivity failures between a hard drive and motherboard or an operating system glitch can also cause laptop to stop responding. So following method will help you to access the lost hard drive data using a simple fix.

Method 1: How to Perform Laptop Hard Drive Recovery without Software?

This is a simple procedure which does not require any technical assistance, all you need is the following essentials to recover data from laptop hard drive.

Follow the steps cautiously because hard drive is made up of fragile materials, any mishap causes physical damages to drive

This whole procedure is completed in short span of time and the data stuck in a dead laptop is safe in a backup drive. Upcoming section of this article covers the most important case of data loss where the laptoop hard drive is inaccessible and steps to recover files from laptop hard drive.

Sometimes even after connecting the laptop hard drive to a healthy computer you might fail to access the hard drive data. Once the hard drive is recognized in the healthy computer we can confirm that there is no problem with hardware of the disk. But inaccessible drive probably indicates corruption in the file system of the laptop hard drive and some other reasons as listed below:

SFWare laptop hard drive data recovery tool is built to provide one definite solution to recover data from most of the uncertain data loss scenarios faced by the user. This tool is enriched with ergonomics based design that assists the user to perform the recovery steps within less time. It also contributes to the data recovery success rate of the tool.

Quick Steps to Recover Files from Laptop Hard Drive

To start the recovery process by using SFWare Hard Drive Recovery software, you are requested to download and install this tool on your Windows or Mac computer

SFWare End Screen

Caution: It is not advisable to use the same drive to save the recovered files on the laptop hard drive. Doing this may cause interruptions in recovering complete data from the drive.

If you have missed out to select and restore some important files, utilize Open Recovery Session feature to resume the recovery process from Step 4. You have successfully completed the hard drive recovery process.

Exclusive Features of SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Tool:


Recovering data from a laptop hard drive after it stops booting or turns unresponsive has to be done with care because a small could lead to greater damages. Using various hacks instead of SFWare hard drive recovery tool to recover files from laptop hard drive can cause permanent data loss and severe damage. So it is recommended to perform laptop hard drive recovery by undertaking the necessary precautionary measures.