How to Recover Data from Western Digital Hard Drive?

Updated on March 12, 2022

Western Digital external hard drive is the most used storage device to keep backup of the important data. what if your data is lost or deleted from WD hard drive? Be it any models of WD hard drives, here is a tool that helps in recovering deleted, lost or formatted files from various Western Digital hard disk models including WD My Passport, My Passport Ultra, WD Elements Desktop and other models quickly.

Western Digital hard drives are one of the most preferred backup drives for storing any of your important data. WD Hard disk offers both high performance and high-quality storage. Though Western Digital hard drives have undeniable features for storage, they are still susceptible to data loss. When data is lost from the WD drive, the only method to restore is to perform Western Digital data recovery. Your WD hard drive data may get deleted or lost due to various reasons and few possible causes are explained in the below section.

Reasons Behind Data Loss from Western Digital Hard Drive

A few possible reasons that cause data loss from WD hard drive

In all the above-mentioned scenarios, data is lost from the hard drive. The next obvious arising questions would be, is it possible to recover data from WD once data is being deleted or formatted? How to recover files from WD external hard drive? If you are using WD my Book or Passport models or any other models of Western Digital, this article guides you on how to perform WD data recovery without any hassle.

Is it possible to recover data from WD external drive?

When you delete data from the any drives including WD, deleted data is not permanently erased from the hard drive memory. But, the space of the existing files is re-allocated to the newly written data. Hence, it is recommended to stop using the WD hard drive immediately.

Recovering lost or deleting data from WD hard drive is surely a complicated task. However, WD data recovery is possible with the most recommended and secure/ safe hard drive recovery tool.

SFWare hard drive data recovery software is the most recommended software to execute WD data recovery. The software is designed with an extensive search engine algorithm and has smart scanning mechanism to recover data from WD internal as well as external hard drives. SFWare not only helps in recovering deleted or formatted drives but also retrieves files from unbootable hard drives easily. Hence, recover WD data with the safe and secure SFWare data recovery software.

How Do I Recover Files from A Corrupted WD External Hard Drive?

Download and install SFWare WD hard drive data recovery software. Launch the application.

From the main screen, Select Recover Drive/Partition to recover Western Digital data.

Step 1: Click on Drive / Partition Recovery, select the Western Digital drive from where data is to be recovered

Select Drive/Partition Recovery

Step 2: Select the WD disk with suitable file system and click on Next button. Scanning process initialises

Select Drive

Step 3: After the completion of scanning. Recovered WD files can either be viewed in Data View or File Type View

Recovered WD Files View

Step 4: Double click on the recovered data to preview your files. If you are satisfied with the results, save the files by purchasing the activation key of the software.


With the helpf SFWare, you can easily recover Red NAS Hard drive, Ultrastar SATA series, Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD and other series of WD. Completely recovers files from corrupted external hard drive, formatted, re-formatted, inaccessible or technically damaged Western Digital hard drives


Although, WD is widely used as internal as well as external hard drives for their large amount of storage space and convenient data accessing mode. It is not an exception from data loss. It’s certainly a good idea to keep backup copies of your important data files.

However, data loss is inevitable in any of the electronic devices. In situations like you have no back up of the data or unable to locate the saved data, you can always rely on the safe and secure Hard Drive Recovery tool. SFWare utility easily recovers files from WD hard drive and offers 24/7 support service to answer any queries on the recovery process.