Outlook Data File Cannot Be Configured [Error Solved]

Microsoft Outlook’s latest version was included with many advanced features that were not present in its previous versions. As this application enables the use of the mail account in offline mode by creating an OST file, it is very beneficial for Outlook user’s to remotely access emails and other mail attributes from their mail account. But lately, many users have come across an error message saying that your Outlook data file cannot be configured and users do not understand what triggers this error message in Outlook 2010 and the latest version. So let’s dig into this a little more and put some light on the errors.

The reason why “Outlook Data File cannot be configured” error occurs? :

So there are currently three major known reasons which cause the error to occur and stops your Outlook data file from getting configured, They are:

Let us understand these in a little brief way :

OST and PST files get corrupted due to virus attack, logical error. Some times erroneous synchronization can lead to changes in Outlook OST which then cannot be configured, dislaying a message saying “Outlook Data File cannot be configured”.

Resolve the “Outlook data file cannot be configured” error with Simple Solutions:

Scanpst.exe works on the original PST file hence any changes cannot be reverted. Wherein, it’s better to use SFWare PST Repair Tool to scan the components as it always works on a copy of your PST file avoiding deletion and any damage to your original file. Thus, this acknowledges the users regarding the limitations of the manual method to solve “Your Outlook Data File Cannot Be Configured” error. The manual method which is discussed above is very time-consuming and if ScanPST.exe finds that the PST file is corrupted, it may erase certain contents of the file which leads to permanent data loss. Wherein our quick-fix tool which is SFware PST Repair Tool, is known for its capability of even recovering deleted contents of PST files which has captivated many weary users. The tool fixes the Outlook PST files without even touching the original files as it totally works on a copy of your existing PST file. Hence th tool keeps the file safe and later saves the PST file data in any desired location.

How to Convert OST to PST (Quick Guide):

Steps to fix Outlook Data Cannot Be Configured Error:

Why choose SFware when I already have a tool or can't I use ScanOST.exe or ScanPST.exe?


When an error is critical, and if the user is unable to access the application, then specialized tools and software become a part of the user’s need. SFWare is a commercially available tool that is easy to use and the best part is that you don't have to be an expert to use it.

Hopefully, with all these above-mentioned workarounds and steps, the error of outlook data file cannot be configured popup will be fixed.

Let us know which of the workarounds worked out for you smoothly to help you fix the Outlook data file cannot be configured error.