A Quick Guide to Repair Corrupt OST File

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When it comes to working offline, Microsoft Outlook is not of the most trusted email manager. Integrated with calendar, tasks, contacts it can be a lifesaver when working offline. The information on MS Outlook is saved in two different file formats, OST and PST files. While both of the files have their own significance, OST file allows a user to work offline and synchronize when connected to a network. However, just like any other files OST files are also prone to damage and corruption, scroll down to learn more about how to repair a damaged or corrupt OST file

Common reasons why OST file gets Damaged

Outlook OST or offline storage table is used for the email accounts using IMAP. IMAP is an Internet Mail Access protocol, it creates a copy of the email account in your Outlook email exchange server. It further allows a user to make changes offline and sync later when connected with a network. These files are reliable and secure. However, they can be affected due to external events, such as

Sudden power failures: Abrupt power loss is always a huge problem despite the type of file you are working on. If there is a sudden power loss while you are syncing with the online server, your OST file will corrupt.

Defective Outlook Update: Outlook update comes with many beneficial functionalities. However, while installing updates, sometimes the installation process might get interrupted or stop responding. In such cases, the damages are not limited to the application but to the OST files saved in the application will be damaged too.

Network interruptions: The main functionality of the OST file is manipulating offline and synchronizing later. If you are using an unstable source of the internet can cause a network drop while syncing with an online server. Such interruptions will likely cause OST file corruption.

Incorrect configuration of Outlook profile: In some incidents, the damage is caused due to Outlook application. Whether you are using Outlook 2016 or office 365 or even older version of MS Outlook, if your profile is not configured correctly, you cannot access the OST file.

Regardless of all these causes, you can still repair the Outlook data file (OST file) and use it. The next section of the article will guide you to repair OST file.

All the discussed issues will result in corrupting Outlook data files which result in corrupt Outlook profile. Hence, scroll down the next section on how to fix an Outlook profile with help of scanpst.exe Outlook inbox repair tool.

How to repair damaged OST file?

Recreate the OST file: one of the ground features of the OST file is it can be easily recreated just by synchronizing with an online server. However, recreating the OST file involve in deleting the corrupt or existing OST file.

However, before deleting the Corrupt OST file, it is strongly recommended to convert it into PST file. This way, you will always have a backup of all your information. Instruction for converting OST to PST file is provided in the next section.

Repair Outlook profile Using PST repair tool

As discussed in the previous section, scanpst.exe cannot repair your Outlook profile in all situations. Hence, the SFWare PST repair tool can fill that gap left out by scanpst. So, go ahead and download the SFWare PST repair tool and install it.

Just after deleting your corrupt OST file, you can set up your account with the same credentials, Outlook will automatically synchronize with your online server and create a new OST file.

NOTE: Prior to recreating the OST file, remember to convert OST to PST and create a backup. This will

How to convert OST to PST in simple steps.

With the help of converted PST file, you will have access to all the emails that are on corrupt OST file.

Why choose SFWare Outlook inbox repair tool

SFWare is designed with the best functional features and easy graphical user interface to make the process easy.


If you have no time to go through the entire blog here is a quick summary for you. Outlook saves your emails, contacts, tasks, and any additional personal information in the form of OST file. These Outlook OST files are prone to corruption either through internal or external issues.

In case of corruption, you can delete the corrupt file and recreate a new OST file. However, deleting old OST file may lead to loss of any new changes that you made on the Outlook. In such a case, create a backup by converting the OST file to PST. This allows the user to access data on OST file without deleting or recreating OST file. Nevertheless, if you tried any further quick fixes for repair corrupt OST file share them in the comment section.