SFWare Partition Recovery

  • Recover deleted, corrupted, and formatted partitions of hard drives
  • Restore files from FAT, NTFS and HFS partitions
  • Rigorously scans the drive to find missing or inaccessible partitions & recover the data from them
  • Retrieve data from partitions even after Windows 10 upgrade

A Brief Summary

Hard drive partitioning is seriously a risky job. Even though partitioning improves the performanceof PC, accessibility, security and availability of wide variety of data stored on drive, if something goes wrong then definitely all the data on the hard drive will be lost and PC may become unbootable. Even though the essential data has been lost, yet there is a possibility to recover data from the partitions/volumes with the help of SFWare Partition Recovery Software.

SFWare Partition Recovery is an advanced Utility which is intended for Windows and Mac OS users who are willing to recover deleted or lost or inaccessible partitions.

Features And Scenarios

Versatile Features of SFWare Partition Recovery

  • Supports to retrieve files from formatted, deleted, corrupt partitions/volumes with ease
  • Data lost due to partitioning errors or MBR errors can be recovered
  • Helpful in recovering data from the hard drives after re-partitioning / re-formatting
  • Retrieves files from inaccessible partitions
  • Data from non bootable hard drives can be retrieved easily
  • Formatted partitions even after re – installation of OS can be restored
  • Locates data from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drive interfaces
  • Recovers data from partitions/volumes of FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFS and HFS+ file systems
  • Retrieved files can be organized according to their name, size, type and date of creation
  • Rescanning of hard drive to find the missing partitions can be avoided using an option “Save Recovery Session”
  • All the recovered files can be previewed in this software
  • Supports all the features of SFWare Deleted File Recovery and Digital Media Recovery

Accountable Scenarios for Data loss from Partitions

Inconvenience in Set up: While partitioning, you need to follow some advisory steps in order to let your OS use partitioned data effectively without affecting the normal flow. If you miss to follow the advisory steps, then the data from the drive may be lost.

Accidental deletion/ unknown format: Deleting/formatting a wrong partitions accidentally or unknowingly also causes a data loss situation.

Resizing Partitions: While shrinking and extending the existing partition, if mistakenly deleted whole partition or any inconsistencies say sudden shut down of a system happens then there is a possibility to lose some important files and folders from the partitions or may be the whole data stored in it becomes inaccessible.

Why SFWare Partition Recovery is preferable?

SFWare Partition Recovery is specially known for its simplicity and has occupied its position in the top list of partitions restoring tools. The one who owns this application; need not to be a techie to make out the process of recovery. Just, he/she is supposed to follow the onscreen instructions and retrieve partitions in 3 – 4 steps. Additionally, this tool saves disk space by creating compressed zip archives of the recovered files and folders. It makes users to feel satisfied by allowing them to have a preview and cross verify the recovered files. Last but not the least, if any difficulty arises while installing this software, then there is a team of technical support to guide the issues at any point of time.

System Requirements

  • Windows Platform: Microsoft Windows 10, Window 8, Window 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003
  • Mac Platform: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra)
  • RAM – 512 GB (1GB Recommended)
  • Disk Space – 50 MB free space (for Installation)
  • System Type – 32-bit or 64-bit PC
  • File systems – FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFS and HFS+

Steps to Restore Partition

  • Initially, download demo version of SFWare Partition Recovery Software on your system
  • Install and launch it
  • From the main screen, select either of two options - "Partition Recovery" option or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" options (Fig 1)
  • In the next screen, you will be able to see all the available drives including external hard drive connected externally (Fig 2). Choose the appropriate drive and click on "Next" option
  • Software starts scanning of the select drive, scanning and recovery takes time based on the data/partition(s) to be recovered (Fig 3)
  • Once it is completed you can be able to see recovered partition data on the screen (Fig 4)
  • To make sure whether the files are recovered properly or not, double click on the recovered files and get the confirmation
  • If you're happy and willing to save recovered results, then get the licensed activated and get the access to Save button

Main Screen - Fig 1
Select Physical Drive - Fig 2
Recovery Scanning - Fig 3
Preview Recovered Files - Fig 4

New Info is Here

  • Recover Data from Partition after Accidental Format

    SFWare Partition Recovery will be the best choice for you to rescue all kind of files from accidentally formatted partitions. Go through the link and get to know the procedure to recover partitions.

    How to Restore Partitions in Windows 10?

    Do you want to restore partition from Windows 10? Well, SFWare Partition Recovery Program gives you an ultimate solution on how to retrieve partitions in Windows 10 quickly.

  • Restoring Lost Extended Partitions

    Recovering data from lost extended partitions are so simple, as SFWare Partition Recovery tool is capable to scan and restore partition and the files that was present on the extended partitions on your system.

    Restore Data from Non Booting OS

    Do not be panic make use of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool for recovering data from a non-booting Operating System with swiftly and effortlessly. Download Demo version from the link given below

  • Recover Data from Damaged HDD

    Retrieving data from damaged hard drive is so simple with the help of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool is so strong in retrieving all types of files. It supports to restore files on both Windows OS and Mac OS.

    Extended Partitions Recovery

    Now restoring data from extended partitions is so simple, as SFWare Partition Recovery tool is capable to scan and restores the data that was present on the extended partition on your system.

  • Retrieve Data from IDE Hard Drive

    With SFWare Partition Recovery tool, you can easily retrieve all the data from IDE hard drive that are either deleted/lost/corrupted or inaccessible from Windows Operating System or Mac PC.

    Recover Acer Aspire Hidden Partition

    You can easily get back data from Acer Aspire Partition by using the most powerful tool SFWare Partition Recovery software. It is one of the best software in the market that supports all latest versions of Windows OS.

  • Recover Missing Windows 8 Partition

    SFWare Partition Recovery tool is the solution for missing files as easily recovers all lost data from Windows 8 drive within few simple mouse clicks.

    Restoring Data from Formatted Windows 7

    Do you want to retrieve formatted data from Windows 7 system? If yes, then do opt for SFWare Partition Recovery tool that will easily rescue all data from hard drive on all versions of Windows Operating System.

  • Retrieve Windows 8.1 Data

    SFWare Partition Recovery will easily and quickly rescue files from Windows 8.1 system. It supports recovering data from all latest versions of Windows OS.

    Restore Files from NTFS

    If you want to rescue files from NTFS drive which is formatted or corrupted? Or want to find lost files after repartitioning hard drive? Then do make use of SFWare Partition Recovery Utility.

  • Retrieve Files from Bad Sector Hard Disk

    Do you want to retrieve files from bad sector hard drive? Use SFWare Partition Recovery Tool for retrieving Data from HDD which is affected by some Bad Sectors

    Recovering Files after System Restore in Windows 7

    Restore files after system restore from Windows 7 with the help of SFWare Partition Recovery Software with utmost ease. It is capable of restoring all types of files which is lost after repartition process.

  • Restore Data from Dell Laptop

    SFWare Partition Recovery Tool easily restores all the data from Dell Laptops that are either deleted, lost, corrupted or inaccessible from Windows Operating System or Mac PC.

    Retrieve Files from Laptop Hard Disk

    Now one can get back files from their Laptop hard disks in few simple steps with SFWare Partition Recovery Software, which is capable of recovering files no matter due to what reasons you have lost data from Laptop hard drive.

  • Recover Data from RAW USB Drive

    Are you not able to access any files from USB drive as it turned RAW state? Dont worry, SFWare Partition Recovery Application easily recovers all the files from RAW USB drive in few clicks.

    Retrieve Unreadable Partition

    SFWare Partition Recovery Program is one of the renowned application available in the market that easily recover partition which is unreadable and helps to access files in few clicks.

  • Restore Data from RAW Hard Drive

    SFWare Partition recovery Program is an excellent program that helps in restoring files from RAW hard disk. This utility recovers RAW hdd data by scanning an entire drive.

    Recovering Data from RAW Partition

    SWare Partition Recovery Program is designed with user friendly interface and advanced scanning algorithm than scans an entire drive for restoring data from RAW partitions in few minutes.

  • Restore WD HDD Partitions

    Are you searching for the solution on how to restore WD partitions? Well, SFWare Partition Recovery Tool is considered as the most eminent tool that can be applied for retrieving restore wd hard disk.

    Retrieve Quick Formatted Partition

    Is it possible to restore partition after quick format? Yes, recovery of quick formatted partition can be done using SFWare Partition Recovery Software by following few simple steps.

  • Restore Corrupt Partition

    Got struck with the issue of corrupt partition? Don’t worry use SFWare Partition Recovery Program that effectively helps in restoring damaged partition by following few simple steps.

    Failed Hard Drive Data Recovery

    Now make use of SFWare Partition Recovery tool to restore all files from failed hard drive, whether files might be of type like images, audios, videos and documents. This software will easily restore all the kinds of files lost while repartitioning the drive in simple steps.

  • Tool to Retrieve Hard Drive Data

    SFWare Partition Recovery Program is designed with well advanced algorithm that helps in recovering lost or deleted data from hard drive with ease

    Recovering Data from USB Drive

    SFWare Partition Recovery Software is the most suggested tool to restore various data from USB flash drive; the program can retrieve all kinds of file formats stored on USB drive in a single scan of the drive.

  • Seagate Central NAS Drive Data Recovery

    Now you can restore data from Seagate Central NAS Drive within few simple clicks with SFWare Partition Recovery Software. Check the above link for detailed process.

    File Recovery after Format

    File can be recovered after formatting the drive with the help of proficient application like SFWare Partition Recovery Software. Use Demo version of this tool and then you can proceed with the actual tool.

  • File Recovery from Failed Hard Disk

    Can you recover data after hard drive fail issue? The answer is yes. SFWare Partition Recovery Program recovers files from failed hard drive using its advanced scanning methodology.

    Failed RAID Recovery Software

    Wondering on how to restore data from RAID drive? Well, use of SFWare Partition Recovery Program allows you to retrieve data from failed RAID array quickly.

  • Recover Data from MacBook Internal Hard Drive

    Easy way to retrieve data from MacBook internal hard disk is SFWare Partition Recovery Software. Learn more using this link.

    Restore Data from Bitlocker Enabled Hard Drive

    Use SFWare Partition Recovery Wizard, the only application that can easily recognize and restore all the files stored on Bitlocker encrypted drive after format just in few clicks.

  • Recovering Missing Files while Partitioning HDD

    Sometimes while partitioning hard drive data can go missing due to some unknown mistakes. Using this tool you can easily retrieve lost data while partitioning hard drive in few simple steps.

    Recovering Formatted and Deleted Partition

    Formatted and Deleted partition along with entire partition data will be recovered in minutes easily when you opt SFWare partition Recovery software.

  • Get Back Deleted C Partition

    SFWare Partition Recovery is one of the most recommended applications to restore C partition as well as other partition after deletion or lost; the tool is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

    Retrieving Data from Deleted Drive

    Here is a reliable tool that can no doubt helps you in recovering data from deleted drive; the software can even retrieve data from formatted and corrupted hard drive partitions and Volumes

  • How to Restore Data after Format and Reinstallation?

    SFWare Partition Recovery Software is the most recommended tool to recover data when formatted during reinstallation of Operating System; the tool can be installed on both Windows and Mac computers.

    Find Data on SSD Drive

    Utilize SFWare Partition Recovery Software to get back all data from lost, formatted, corrupted, crashed SSD drive without any difficulty on supported Windows or Mac computer.

  • Find Data on Samsung 2TB HD501LJ Drive

    Download and install this software and restore data from Samsung 2TB HD501LJ drive efficiently with the help of simple 3-4 steps successfully.

    How to Backup Files from Formatted Hard Disk?

    SFWare Partition Recovery software will help you backup formatted hard drive files in a couple of easy steps. Try the demo version first and then go for licensed version of this tool.

  • How to Recover Data from JBOD Drive?

    SFWare Partition Recovery Tool will help you find and restore data from JBOD drive from any failure scenarios. For any kind of help on JBOD drive data recovery, you can contact our expertise.

    Find Data on WD 320GB External Hard Drive

    Looking for a reliable data recovery solution for Western Digital 320GB external hard drive data recovery? Click on this page and get a perfect software to restore various kind of data available on WD 30GB external storage device.

  • Find Data on RAW Mac OS X Partition

    The best and simple procedure to get access to the files that are present under RAW file system on Mac machine with use of SFWare Partition Recovery application.

    Find Data from Formatted D Drive

    SFWare Partition Recovery Software is the most recommended one under the circumstance where you have formatted your D drive and seeking to recover valuable data from it. Try it!!!

  • Recovering Data from Formatted LaCie External Hard Drive

    Click this page and get reliable software that helps you in restoring data lost when you format a LaCie external hard drive due to any reasons; the tool has the ability to recover various types of files.

    Retrieving Data from Dell Inspiron N5110

    Recovering data from Dell inspiron N5110 is easy with the help of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool. One of the most recommended tool available in the market with all importnat features needed to recover data easily!

  • How to Recover Formatted Partition from Mac OS X

    Recovering data from OS X formatted partition is easy and simple. This page will guide you on OS X formatted partition data recovery in few simple steps. Check Now!

    Rescue Data from 1TB FireWire External HDD

    Are you looking to recover data from your 1TB FireWire external hard drive which has been lost due to various unknown reasons? Then, download and install this toolkit on your Mac systems and get the job done!

  • Get Back Videos after Hard Disk Crash

    Go through this page and get the suitable tool to retrieve video files from hard disk easily! SFWare Partition Recovery Software help in recovering video files deleted/lost after hard drive crash; the program will also restore other type of files like audios, images, documents, PPTs, etc.

    Software for Recovering Files from Hard Disk having Corrupt OS

    Are you facing corrupt OS issue in your Hard drive, due to which facing data loss problem? Then, this page will help you retrieve data from hard drive with corrupt OS without any data loss or further damage in minutes. Check out how.

  • Software to Recover Accidentally Deleted FAT or NTFS Partition

    Here is the software which will help you restore accidentally deleted or lost FAT and NTFS Partition in a few simple clicks. Read out more on the above given link.

    Find Missing Partition Data in Flash Drive

    Here is the tool to help for recovering lost partition data in flash drive easily without any data loss further. Check this page for more details on missing data recovery.

  • Software to Retrieve Photos from Fully Formatted Computer

    Recovering pictures from fully formatted Computer or laptops is easy when you opt this software. Easy and can be installed on all latest versions of Windows Operating System. Restore photos, videos, movies and many other documents with ease.

    Recover Files Lost after Reinstalling Yosemite

    Know how to recover files missing after reinstalling Yosemite OS X version in a very simple and easy way. This page will show you how to successfully find files lost after reinstalling Yosemite with ease.

  • Hard Drive with no File System Data Retrieval Software

    Suffer no file system issue with hard drive? No worries download SFWare Partition Recovery Software and start recovering data from hard drive with no file system quickly.

    File Recovery Solution on Fujitsu Hard Drive

    Stop worrying on how to recover files from Fujitsu hard drive. Get an easy solution on data recovery from Fujitsu hard disk with the help of SFWare Partition Recovery Program.

  • Retrieve Files from Windows Server 2012

    Stop thinking on how to recover files from Windows Server 2012? Download SFWare Partition Recovery Software and start recovering files from Windows Server 2012 with ease.

    Retrieving Files after Reimage

    SFWare Partition Recovery is the right tool to restore files after reimaging of the hard drive; the toolkit is helpful in retrieving data after hard drive damage, system restore, formatting, etc.

  • Recovering Formatted Mac Hard Disk Data

    Stop thinking on how to recover formatted hard drive Mac data and make use of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool and restore files and folders in minutes!

    File Recovery from a Computer that Won’t Start

    SFWare Partition Recovery Application is the one that will guide you in recovering file from computer that couldn’t start up because of some serious issues like file system corruption, virus infection, etc.

  • Restore Files from Dead Hard Drive

    Make use of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool, as this program is designed by many industrial experts so that you can retrieve files from dead hdd within a short span of time.

    Recover Data from Sony Vaio Laptop

    Losing files from Sony VAIO laptop is very annoying. Now it’s the time to keep a full stop for all your worries about data loss from Sony VAIO laptop. Exploit SFWare Partition Recovery Program to retrieve data from Sony VAIO laptop within a fraction of minutes.

  • Retrieve Data from Windows 7 Dynamic Disk

    Recovering data from Windows dynamic disk is easy when you opt SFWare Deleted File Recovery Software. This software can be used on all dynamic disk supported Windows OS versions.

    How to Retrieve Data from Mac OS X volume

    SFWare Deleted File Recovery will better help you to retrieve files from Mac OS X volume of all the latest versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion etc.

  • Recover Files from Formatted Pen Drive

    Have you accidentally formatted your pen drive? Do not be panic make use of SFWare Partition Recovery to recover deleted or formatted data from Pen drives.

    Restore Formatted SD Memory Card

    If you looking for the solution on how to restore files from formatted SD Memory card then it is suggested to use SFWare Partition Recovery Program to retrieve files from formatted SD card.

  • Retrieve Photos from Flash Drive after Format

    You can easily recover pictures from formatted flash drive by using the most efficient tool SFWare Partition Recovery tool with ease.

    Recover Files from 2GB SD Cards

    Recovering files from 2GB SD cards/memory cards is easy with the help of SFWare Partition Recovery app. This software is especially designed to restore deleted, lost files from any storage devices even thought the device is logically damaged.

  • Recovering Data from Unbootable MacBook

    Make use of SFWare Partition Recovery Software if you are looking to restore data from unbootable MacBook hard drive; the application recovers various types of files including pictures, videos, and documents.

    Retrieve Data after Mac OS X Reinstall

    With the aid of SFWare Partition Recovery Toolkit, one can recover data after reinstalling Mac OS X just in 3-4 simple steps; what’s more, you can also retrieve back files from deleted, lost, and corrupted Volumes!

  • How to Retrieve Video Files from Formatted SD Card

    With the aid of SFWare Partition Recovery Software, one can easily restore videos files from formatted SD card on all popular versions of Mac operating systems like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, El Capitan, and Sierra.

    Solution to Fix Folders become Shortcuts in External Hard Drive

    Shortcuts folder is a common issue you face with external drives. And, there are several ways to fix it. So, go here and find your suitable method to resolve the issue.

  • How to Fix No disk in Drive Error

    Irritated by the error “no disk in drive, please insert a disk into drive”? No worries! Just follow the methods mentioned in this page and resolve the error and also recover data from your drive easily.

    How to Fix Failed HDD Using Diskpart Utility on Windows

    This page provides you method to help you fix failed hard disk using Windows Diskpart. If Diskpart command won’t work, then you can use SFWare Partition Recovery Software and recover data from failed HDD

  • Recovering Lost Data after Reinstalling Windows

    Lost data after reinstalling Windows? Then, use SFWare Partition recovery software and get back your lost files. Also, it restores data lost after Windows installation, accidental formatting, System Restore, etc.

    RAW Partition Conversion to NTFS without Data Loss

    Hard disk or partition suddenly become RAW and cannot access the stored data? Relax! You can directly free download the best data recovery software to restore data from RAW devices and follow methods here to convert RAW to NTFS without losing any data now.

  • How to Recover Deleted Program Files on Windows?

    Worried about deleted or lost program files on your Windows PC or laptop? Then, make use of SFWare Partition Recovery program to quickly restore program files.

    Recover Data from Boot Camp Partition on Mac

    Data from Boot Camp partition will be recovered easily with the help of SFWare Partition Recovery Software for Mac. Follow few simple steps and get all your data back from Boot Camp partition

  • Restore Missing Partition After System Restart

    Partition missing after the system restart? Then do a system restore to recover lost partition. If that doesn’t help, try SFWare Partition Recovery tool

    Why External Hard Drive Shows Used Space but No Files?

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    Files missing from external hard drive but drive shows used space has become a frequently discussed issue in several forums. So, here is- why external hard drive shows used space but no files and how to fix it

  • Restore Data from Spanned Volume

    SFWare Partition Recovery Tool, helps in recovering data from spanned volume. The software will recover data from corrupted, failed and formatted spanned volume.

    Recover Data after Factory Reset Windows 10

    SFWare Partition Recovery software easily restores all the data after performing a factory reset on your Windows 10 system. Download the demo version of the software and start recovering your files

  • Recover Lost Data from Mac OS High Sierra System Disk

    SFWare Partition Recovery is designed with robust scanning algorithms to recover data from hard drives. Learn how to recover data from system disk easily using this tool. Download a trial version now, and start recovering your data!

    Fix ‘Access denied’ Error and Restore Data

    Your hard drive may show an error message ‘Access denied’. Learn how to recover data from such inaccessible drives easily. Download a trial version now, and start recovering all your data!

  • Recover Deleted Files Local Disk Drive

    Worried on how to recover deleted files from a local disk? No issues, use SFWare Partition Recovery Software that scans the entire drive for recovering data from the local drive in few minutes

    Recover Data Lost after Diskpart Clean

    Lost data after using diskpart clean? Don’t worry; it can easily be recovered using SFWare data recovery software. The tool can be used to recover data after diskpart clean on both internal hard drives and external storage devices. Try it now!

  • Recover Data from Mac Fusion Drive

    Learn how to recover data from corrupted, damaged or failed Mac fusion drives using SFWare partition recovery software. Download a free trial today!

    How to restore files that show 0 bytes on USB drives

    Corruption in USB drives can exhibit a variety of problems such as turning inaccessible, RAW or sometimes showing 0 byte files. If your USB shows 0 byte files, nothing to worry because SFWare is designed to help you recover 0 byte files. Download a trial today!

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