Partitioning is a process that is done with best interest of making better usage of the storage space available on hard drive. Any damage to this partition can result in a serious data loss. Be it accidentally deleted partition or a lost partition, recovering the partition is a risky job to do.

However, making use of a partition recovery tool can make the process of recovering lost partition risk free.

Is it possible to recover partition from Mac and Windows?

With a professional partition recovery tool, it is possible to recover partition irrespective of operating system. Be it Mac or Windows operating system performing partition recovery is not problem when you have a partition recovery software. Wondering how is it possible to recover data from deleted or lost partition?

What happens when you accidentally delete or lose a partition? The data on the partition is not completely erased from your hard drive instead it is marked as ready to be overwritten. Hence to increase the chances of recovering partition data you have to stop using the computer once you have lost partition. Then you can use a trusted partition recovery software.

SFWare Partition Recovery Tool is the most recommended tool across both Mac and Windows Operating system. The advanced scan engine of the tool is designed to recover partitions from various data loss scenarios like deleted, formatted or inaccessible partitions. Download and try the software for completely free to perform partition recovery.

Why SFWare Partition Recovery Software:

Exclusive Features of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool

Accountable Scenarios for Data loss from Partitions

Inconvenience in Set up: While partitioning, you need to follow some advisory steps in order to let your OS use partitioned data effectively without affecting the normal flow. If you miss to follow the advisory steps, then the data from the drive may be lost.

Accidental deletion / unknown format: Deleting/formatting a wrong partitions accidentally or unknowingly also causes a data loss situation.

Resizing Partitions: While shrinking and extending the existing partition, if mistakenly deleted whole partition or any inconsistencies say sudden shut down of a system happens then there is a possibility to lose some important files and folders from the partitions or may be the whole data stored in it becomes inaccessible.

How to perform Partition Recovery using SFWare Partition Recovery Tool?

Download and Install SFWare Partition Recovery software on computer and follow the below mentioned steps to recover deleted or lost partition:


Main Screen - Fig 1
Select Physical Drive - Fig 2
Recovery Scanning - Fig 3
Preview Recovered Files - Fig 4

Tips to avoid Partition loss:

System Requirements

Partition Recovery