How to Access Hidden Partition Acer Aspire

“Hi fellows, I just made a blunder while trying to create a new partition on my Acer Aspire laptop. I tried to resize the existing partition to create space for new partition. In the process, something occurred and the old existing partition that I tried to resize is not showing up in ‘My computer’. The space occupied by that partition is still shown as used and the partition is hidden from Windows Explorer. Is there any way for recovering Acer Aspire hidden partition laptop drive?”

Of course, yes!! Acer Aspire hidden partition recovery can be accomplished by utilizing SFWare Partition Recovery Tool. This software is incredibly built to restore lost, deleted or hidden partitions on Windows computer hard drive with utmost ease. The tool can retrieve Word documents, Presentation files, Excel sheets, PDF files, folders and other data from hidden partition just in clicks. This utility can restore partitions formatted with FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, ReFS, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems. Also, you can use this recovery program to get back data from crashed, dead, formatted and unbootable hard drive on major Windows computer / laptop.

Now, have a look at scenarios that can lead to hidden partition on Acer Aspire laptop:

  • Use of unreliable third party applications to perform tasks like defragmenting drive, repartitioning, etc. can sometimes make existing partitions as hidden from operating system
  • Incorrect way of reinstalling operating system, unorthodox procedure of upgrading OS to latest version or interruptions during these two tasks on Acer Aspire laptop will result in hidden partition on its drive
  • At times aging of laptop hard disk and presence of malicious malware can make any partition to remain as inactive or hidden from OS / user

Nevertheless, missing or hidden partition on Acer Aspire laptop drive will not get removed from hard disk permanently, also retrieve deleted C partition easily. Hence, soon after noticing missing of any partition from Acer Aspire employ SFWare Partition Recovery software without wasting much time on finiding out how to recover Acer Aspire hidden partition.

Follow these steps to employ SFWare Recover partition tool:

  • Download SFWare Partition Recovery on to your system and connect your Acer Aspire laptop drive to the system where you have loaded recovery application
  • Install and start the utility according to given directions
  • Then in first screen, click on "Partition Recovery" option to retrieve hidden partition data
  • Next, select the disk that represents Acer Aspire laptop drive on which partition is hidden
  • Tool shows all partitions including hidden partition on Acer Aspire drive, click on hidden partition and click on "Next" option
  • Now, program performs a scan on hidden partition to recover all files stored in it
  • After few instant, recoverable files will get listed under "Data Type View" / "File Type View"
  • Go through the list of restorable data in two view types
  • Further, mention a desired location on host system to save recovered partition data and click on "Save" option.


  • Never save Recovered hidden partition data to same Acer Aspire laptop drive as it can cause data overwriting
  • Maintain good backup of all essential files from Acer Aspire laptop on other external storage devices

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