Recover Quick Formatted Partition

You might have quick formatted your entire partition due to wrong selection and as a result, lost all the data stored on that partition. Now you are wondering about how to get them back. Generally, quick format action won’t erase the files on the drive but only the address tables, hence files are invisible. But, using Partition Recovery software, you can get erased files back from the quick formatted partition.

Recovering Data from Quick Formatted Partition-

One of the best application that can be used for recovering partition after quick format is SFWare Partition Recovery Software. It provides easy steps which can be easily understood by the novice and perform quick formatted partition recovery with utmost ease. You can restore data from the quick formatted partition on any version of Windows OS. The tool supports data recovery from FAT, NTFS, exFAT and HFS partition after quick format.

Complete Tutorial for Recovering Files from Partition after Quick Format-

Step 1. Download SFWare Partition Recovery Software

Step 2. Install and launch the tool as per instructions

Step 3. Next, select "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option

Step 4. Choose the formatted disk and click on "Next" option

Step 5. Scanning and Recovery process takes some time

Step 6. Preview recovered data before saving them

Step 7. At last, save recovered files in any location of your choice

More About SFWare Partition Recovery Software

Quick formatted partitions from external HDD of various brands like Samsung, Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital etc. can be easily restored using this program. Other than retrieving files from partitions after quick format, this tool also recovers data from reformatted or inaccessible partitions with ease. Also, SFWare Partition Recovery Wizard retrieves unreadable partition by following few simple steps. The tool helps in retrieving files from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions. It helps to recover files from hard drive with interfaces like SATA, SCSI and IDE. One can make use of this tool to restore data from memory cards, pen drives, and other storage devices.

Causes for Quick Formatting the Drive:

Reformatting hard drive is the process of changing the file system. Occurrence of some errors or any sort of distortions like power failure or system shutdown can damage your partition and creates a need of quick formatting of it in the computer. Sometimes after turning on the PC, you might come across the error messages like “drive not formatted, do you want to format now?”, if you continue with such error messages and click on format option then the complete partition on the hard drive gets quickly formatted. Other causes like malware infection, operating system reinstallation, usage of irrelevant third party programs, etc. can lead to quick format of partition.

Important cautions to be followed to avoid data loss due to quick formatting in future:

  • Always backup important data before performing quick format on the hard drive or on any external hard drive
  • Secure your PC from malicious threats by regularly updating the anti-virus applications
  • It is suggested to make sure that you have selected the right drive for formatting

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