An Expert's Guide to Perform Damaged Partition Recovery

SFWare Partition Recovery Tool is the most recommended and completely automated method to perform damaged partition recovery. The tool is designed with an advanced algorithm to recover data from damaged or corrupted partitions. Download and try the tool for free now.

Summary: This free guide to perform damaged partition recovery provides you with a complete automated method to recover data from deleted partition and also helps you to repair damaged partition safely.

Partitioning a hard drive is always made in the best interest of making most use of storage space on the hard drive. Any damage done to the partition can take away your important data by making your partition inaccessible. However, with proper guidance you can repair damaged partition and also recover data from damaged partition. With this guide you can perform damaged partition recovery and also helps you to repair damaged partition

Common Reasons for partition getting damaged or corrupted:

Before you find an answer to the question, how to recover data from corrupted hard disk partition. Get yourself acquainted with some of the common reasons that stand responsible for partition damage.

  • Partition Table Damage: Partition table holds the information about the primary partitions and extended partitions. When this partition is damaged or deleted, the operating system fails to recognise the existing partitions. Thus any damage to the partition table results in an inaccessible partition.
  • Improper Partition Handling: Human errors are always one of the reasons for partition damage. Interrupting the transfer process on your hard drive or improper repartitioning of your hard drive can severely damage your hard drive.
  • Virus Infection: Any virus infection or malware attack on your computer can corrupt or damage your partition. Hence it is always recommended to make use of a trusted antivirus software.
  • Improper system shutdown or Power failure: Power failure will not only damage your partition but also your computer. It is therefore recommended to have a backup power for the computer.

Any of the above mentioned scenarios can damage your partition resulting in serious data loss. Now the mind boggling question is how to repair damaged partition and more importantly how to recover data from corrupted partition.

Is it possible to recover data from damaged partition?

When your partition is damaged, all data in your partition becomes inaccessible. Hence recovering data from inaccessible partition is possible as the data is not erased permanently. Before you move on to performing damaged partition recovery there is a DIY method to repair damaged partition.

Note: It is important to note the fact that repairing damaged partition doesn't always let you to recover deleted data from damaged partition moreover it poses more threat to already damaged partition. Hence the need of a damaged partition recovery tool is very crucial to restore lost data.

What if there is a safer and quicker way to perform damaged partition recovery? Why struggle with manual method, skip the following section to know how to recover data from damaged partition in a completely automated way.

How do I Repair a Damaged Partition?

A partition is said to be damaged when the Operating system fails to recognise it. However, repairing a damaged partition is a simple process which you can do it on your own with ease. Follow the below mentioned steps to manually fix damaged partition:

  • Open Start menu and type cmd

  • Right-click on cmd.exe and select Run as administrator

  • Type chkdsk *: /f /r /x [ * refers to the drive that you want repair]

Upon executing the above-mentioned methods, the computer will start the process of repairing damaged partition. After completion of repair process, restart your computer and see if you have successfully fixed damaged partition.

If you failed to repair corrupt hard disk partition using the previously mentioned methods, follow the next section to recover data from crashed hard drive.

How to perform Damaged Partition Recovery?

The only way to perform damaged partition recovery is to make use of a partition recovery tool. Yes, a professional partition recovery tool is your best bet at recovering lost data from damaged partition.

SFWare Partition Recovery Tool is the most recommended and completely automated method to perform damaged partition recovery. The tool is designed with an advanced algorithm to recover data from damaged or corrupted partitions. Download and try the tool for free now.

5 Quick Steps to Perform Damaged Partition Recovery:

Download and Install SFWare Partition Recovery Software on your computer. Follow the below mentioned steps to perform damaged partition recovery:

  1. Launch the tool, click on Partition Recovery button
  2. Select the damaged partition and click on next to start the scanning process
  3. After completion of the scanning process, the tool will display the recovered data in Data View and File Type View
  4. The tool will facilitate a preview of recovered data from damaged partition
  5. At last, if you are satisfied with the recovered data go ahead and save them on to desired location

Standout Features of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool:

  • Tailor made to perform crashed or corrupt partition recovery

  • Recovers data from crashed partitions/volumes of FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFS and HFS+ file systems

  • Fast and secure data recovery tool for drive failures or hard drive damaged due to bad sectors

  • Supports recovery of more than 300 file types from corrupt or damaged partition

  • Facilitates a preview of recovered lost partition data for users

Tips to avoid damaging partition on your computer:

Following the below-mentioned guidelines can take you a long way without having to deal with data loss.

  • Take regular backup of data on an external hard drives.

  • Choose more reliable backup options like cloud storage services.

  • Protect your computer with a trusted professional antivirus software.

  • Always have a backup power source for your computer.

Final Thoughts:

Reaching the end of this article you shall be acquainted with everything that you need to know about performing damaged or crashed partition recovery. Additionally with a dedicated section that helped you to repair a corrupt hard drive, use the same steps that are equally effective for external hard drives.

Always remember to take a backup of data before you perform any operation on hard drive partition. However, if you accidentally delete or lose partition data, make use of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool to safely perform damaged partition recovery.

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