Restore Accidentally Formatted Partition Data

Partitioning of hard drive on computer comes handy for managing different types of data related to business, personal or educational field in an organized manner. Most of the people create partitions on their systems to differentiate the stored data with program files. File system is used to manage data on partition in an effective manner. Though partition proves to be very useful in proper management of data, but under some instances people end up formatting their partitions accidentally resulting in loss of entire data stored on the existing partition. So what next?? Are you thinking about recover data from accidental format? Well, need not to worry as one can easily carry out data recovery from formatted partition by using the most proficient SFWare Partition Recovery Software.

Most often after formatting the partitions intentionally or unintentionally people end up with questions like how to execute data recovery from formatted drive using recovery tool? In an answer to the above question, when format operation is performed on any partitions or other storage drives only file allocation information will be erased from the index and the actual data remains intact on the same storage location thereby making the memory space available for adding new files. So, if you want to recover files after partition format, then you have to stop using your hard drive to add new files to avoid overwriting of lost data. By this SFWare Partition Recovery Toolkit you get an ultimate answer on how to get data from formatted partition with utmost ease.

Some common scenarios for formatting of partition:

  • You might accidentally format partition containing vital data instead of formatting partition that consists of redundant data
  • Formatting the partition when its performance is sluggish can even lead to loss of entire data residing in it
  • Improper knowledge about OS re-installation process formats the existing partition thereby causing severe data loss
  • Due to Hard drive failure, sometimes you may not be able to access the hard drive data, that time you may tend to format the partition to gain the access thereby facing the huge loss of files stored on that partition

Whatever could be the reason accountable for formatting of partition accidentally, but it is quite easy to perform restoring of data from formatted partition using the most proficient SFWare Partition Recovery Tool. It is experts recommended application and is widely accepted by numerous customers for its excellent performance on recovering data from formatted partition. SFWare Partition Recovery tool comes with advanced scanning search engine that rigorously scans your hard disk and recover data from formatted partition in few clicks. This recovery utility can not only recover files from formatted partition, but can even help you in retrieving lost data from deleted or inaccessible partitions. The software supports formatted partition and retrieves data on both Windows as well as on Mac OS X based computers and laptops. In addition to hard drive, this recovery toolkit is compatible enough to restore deleted or lost data from memory card, external HDD, USB flash drives, cameras and more. All file types such as images, video files, music, documents, etc. can be recovered by using services of SFWare software. Using SFWare Partition Recovery Program you can retrieve deleted and formatted hard disk data in minutes that also comes with demo version that allows you to preview the restored data before saving them, which in turn helps you in estimating the performance.

Steps to retrieve data from accidentally formatted partition:

  • Download and install SFware Partition Recovery tool in the system
  • Run the program and follow the instructions that are provided on main screen
  • From the main screen of the application click on "Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery"
  • Once the option is selected, proceed to next screen where user can select the drive
  • After selecting the drive, initiate the scanning process
  • Upon completion of the scanning process, the retrieved list of files can be previewed in "Data Type View" or "File Type View"
  • Select the desired type of view and proceed to saving the file on known destination location as applicable to host operating system user


  • Avoid using unknown third party tools to recover data after formatting partition
  • Always maintain data backup before carrying the process of OS re-installation
  • Double check the drive before clicking on format option

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