Restore Files from RAW File System on Mac

Raw file system on Mac is one of the inaccurate file system that causes a lot of issues and makes file inaccessible. If the hard drive on Mac is shown as RAW then you get some common symptoms. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Filenames consists of "weird" characters
  • You get a warning message like -"Sector not found" when you try to access files
  • Getting an error message of “drive not you want to format now?” when tried to access files from Mac drive

For better understanding let us consider one real-time scenario as follows- “Hi, I am going a share an issue related to RAW file system on Mac. Today morning after installing Operating System in my Mac computer, I found one of the Mac volume couldn’t be accessed and instead it shows an error message “file system: RAW”. I am totally puzzled with this action. Now I cannot even open the Mac volume nor even read the files in it. Is it possible to recover data from RAW file system on Mac? Any simple help is kindly appreciated”.

Some Mac users evenly come across such scenarios where file system turns into RAW state and the files becomes inaccessible. After such instances you start searching for the solution on how data recovery from RAW file system on Mac can be done? If this is the situation then keep calm, all you need to do is to get best partition recovery software to sort out this issue.

Program to recover data from RAW file system on Mac:

SFWare Partition Recovery Software for Mac is one such application that is most successful in recovering data from RAW file system on Mac computer. This program is developed using advanced algorithms. Hence it is easy to restore files from RAW file system on Mac within minutes. As it works on read only methodology, your original files remains safe while process file recovery process on RAW file system of Mac computer.

Situations that results in RAW file system on Mac are mentioned below:

  • Improper termination of Mac computer: If your Mac PC gets shut down due to power outage then it makes file system on Mac turn into RAW state and all the files stored in it becomes inaccessible
  • Incorrect format: Improper execution of format process on Mac drive makes the file system RAW
  • Viruses: Connecting multiple pen drive on Mac machine can damage the Mac partition which turn into RAW state

Other than the above mentioned scenarios, file system on Mac also becomes RAW because of other unknown reasons. But there is nothing to get worry as there is an easy way to recover RAW file system on Mac computer.

Let us go though some features of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool:

  • Recovers data from different kind of file system such as NTFS, NTFS5, HFSX and HFS+
  • Has an ability to retrieve data after Mac drive format is performed
  • Can retrieve files from inaccessible or corrupt hard drives without altering the original file contents
  • You can even rescue files from RAW partition on both internal as well as external hard drives.
  • SFWare Partition Recovery Tool helps to recover data from bad sector hard drive within short span of time
  • Gives you a chance to preview the recovered data from RAW file system. If you want to save recovered files then you have to go for its full licensed version
  • Other than recovering RAW file system on Mac, you can even recover data from RAW file system of removable devices like memory card, USB drive, FireWire device etc

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