Failed Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery

Computer hard drives consist of spinning disks or platters that keeps information in blocks. This information might be your important files, folders, pictures, music, work documents, emails and everything else you can keep on this computer hard disk. As a computer user, many of you might have experienced the situation of hard drive failure. Once the hard drive got failed then all the files which were present inside it cannot be accessed.

Let us know how to recognize the signs of hard drive failure

  • Weird noises: You might hear some strange grinding noises that says that drive is about to corrupt and it’s time to act quickly.
  • Data disappearance: If the files stored in the drive disappears or unable to save documents then it means that it is the symptoms of failed hard drive.
  • Blue screen: Sudden reboots of the computer or blur screen while trying to access files is due to problem with your hard drive.
  • Slow access times: Computers shouldn’t take long time to open up a file and if it does then it is the symptoms of your hard drive failure.

How to extend the life of your computer hard drive:

  • It is possible to prolong the life of computer by running chkdsk
  • You must be aware that hard drive should be in cool place
  • Installation of hard drive monitoring tool
  • Defragment your hard drive
  • Keep a backup copy of all important data from hard drive in multiple storage drives

What are the causes for computer hard drive failure?

  • Deadly viruses infection on computer hard disk
  • Incorrect repartitioning of the hard drive
  • Sudden system crash
  • Over usage of hard drive can results to its failure
  • Presence of bad sectors
  • Sudden interruptions while installing new operating system in your computer drive results in hard drive failure which in turn blocks access to all the data
  • Unexpected system shutdown while executing reformatting process of a respective drive can cause to hard drive failure

Hard drive fails and you need to recover data:

  • Connect hard drive to other PC: Remove hard drive from failed PC and use a USB to IDE/SATA adapter to connect it to a different machine.
  • Copy data: Sometimes it might be an issue with your OS and your files may still be fine. Just check by browsing the files on the drive and copy important files you want to recover.
  • Go for hard drive recovery software: If the above mentioned method doesn’t works then just take the advantage of third party partition recovery software.

Is it possible to retrieve data from failed computer hard drive?

Yes, data from failed hard drive is recoverable. If your files or any documents do not show up on a healthy computer then it is clearly the case of hard drive failure. On such cases, there is no need to get panic or feel annoyed. Still the possibilities are strong where you can easily restore data from failed hard drive.

How to restore data from failed hard disk?

Usage of SFWare Partition Recovery Program successfully helps in recovering data from failed hard drive. It uses well equipped and advanced algorithms and scans the complete drive thoroughly to recover data from failed computer hard drive. Has user friendly interface, so that novice can execute data recovery on failed hard disk with utmost ease.

More about SFWare Partition Recovery Program

SFWare Partition Recovery Utility recovers hard drive data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ex FAT formatted partitions or drives. It supports data retrieval on different hard drives like SATA, SCSI, SAS and many others. You can store recovered files in a compressed ZIP file format. With this tool, you can recover data from dead external hard drives like USB flash drive, FireWire drives, SSD drives, etc. Using this tool you can also recover data from bad sector hard drive within few minutes. You can sort retrieved data from hard drive on the basis of name, date, size and file type.

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