How to Fix "Access Denied" Error in Hard Drive and Recover Data

Sometimes you may have trouble accessing external hard drives. Error messages such as ‘Access denied’ are shown. It is a common error that occurs due to permission issues or other reasons. To resolve the issue, you can troubleshoot using the steps below.

1. Assign Permissions

Assigning appropriate permissions can sometimes solve the 'Access denied' issue. Please follow the steps below to assign permissions.

  • Click on Windows + E to open File Explorer
  • Find your hard drive and right click on it
  • Select Properties and go to Security > Advanced tab
  • Go to Owner > Edit and select your username
  • Check all boxes in the Allow column and click on Apply to gain permissions

2. Change drive letter

If assigning permissions don’t help resolve the issue, you can try changing the drive letter of the hard drive.

  • Press Windows + X and click on Disk Management
  • Right click on the drive you wish to change the drive letter.
  • Then choose Change Drive letter and paths > Change
  • Then click on ‘Assign the following drive letter’, assign one that you want to use and confirm your choice. This will change the drive letter of the selected drive.

If these methods don’t resolve your issue, it is a good idea to recover data from the drive and format it. In order to recover data from inaccessible drives, you will need professional data recovery tools. SF Ware is software designed specifically for this purpose. It has the ability to recover data from inaccessible and corrupt hard drives.

About SF Ware Software:

The software uses robust scanning algorithms to scan the drive sector by sector to recover data. It uses a read only mechanism to recover data; hence original files are not altered during recovery process.

In addition to recovering data from hard drives, you can also use the software to recover data from USB’s, memory cards and other storage devices.

At times, your hard drive may turn RAW. In such cases, you can convert the RAW hard drive to NTFS to make the drive accessible. Please refer convert RAW hard drive to NTFS for more details on the process.

Compatibility of SF Ware Software:

  • Works on all versions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 10
  • A variant of the software is available for Mac users with support for all Mac OS’s including the latest High Sierra
  • All file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS etc. are supported.

Steps to recover data from inaccessible drives:

Recovering data from inaccessible drives is easy using SF Ware. Download and install SF Ware Hard drive recovery software on your system and connect the hard drive.

  • Run the software and select Recover Drives from the main screen
  • Then select Partition Recovery in the next step
  • Select your drive from the list of available drives
  • A list of partitions are shown, select a partition from the list
  • After you have clicked on Scan, the software scans the drive and displays a list of files
  • You can Preview them and save in a desired location

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