How to recover lost NTFS

"SFWare Partition Recovery one of the most recommended tools especially designed to perform NTFS partition recovery. Built-in with a robust scan algorithms that scans the hard drive rigorously to recover the missing NTFS partition. The easy user interface of the tool makes the complex partition recovery process into a simple task even for a nontechnical user."

NTFS partitions are provided in Windows computer for better disk space management, sometimes this NTFS partition goes missing in the computer. However, these partitions can be recovered with the help of a partition recovery tool. The following sections will give you a good understanding on why the partitions are missing and how to perform NTFS partition recovery.

What are the causes for losing NTFS partition?

"Be it corrupt partition or reinstalling the Windows, SFWare partition recovery software is capable of recovering lost NTFS parition by using advanced algorithms to recover lost NTFS partitions "

How to repair corrupted NTFS partitions?

CHKDSK is a Windows utility that can check the hard disk for any errors, this can be used to fix any errors present in the hard drive. Follow the below troubleshooting steps to recover the hard drive.

The above method will help you fix the hard drive manually. But if you are not able to identify the partition or fix the error, you will not be able to recover the data in the partition. Hence it is strictly recommended to make use of a complete automated method to safely perform NTFS partition recovery.

How to recover deleted or formatted NTFS partition.

Download and Install the SFWare partition recovery software and follow the steps mentioned below:

Special features of SFWare partition recovery software.


A hard disk is split into partition to improve the computer's performance. While trying reformat the drive make sure to follow the steps carefully to avoid loss of partition. But, if you have lost NTFS partition due to hard drive corruption, use a trusted partition recovery software to recover lost NTFS partition.