Recovering Failed RAID Data

RAID arrays are used by many advanced computer users in order to raise the speed of the disk subsystem. RAID is the abbreviation for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. You can find different levels of RAID namely RAID0, RAID1, RAID2, RAID3, etc. This RAID drives has become safer and reliable compare to normal hard drives. Unfortunately, in-spite of having many advantages offered by RAID arrays, you can also find some downsides as well. Let us know what are the issues you face with RAID and how can you overcome this issue to get back your data.

Working of RAID

RAID is configured by using RAID controller card. It is attached to this controller card in order to form hardware RAID. Once you start using this RAID hardware, you have to create a partition and format the drive. Then you can start using it like a normal hard drive.

Issues with RAID

Sometimes if the original RAID controller fails then it becomes difficult to continue using RAID array in its original configuration. In most of the cases, many important user files turns into inaccessible state without the original compatible RAID controller.

Symptoms of failed RAID array

  • LED light parallel to the corrupted RAID disk goes red
  • Unable to access any files stored in it
  • RAID controlling application or its drivers throws an error messages saying that the hard disk has failed

What to do when RAID system fails?

On such event of RAID failure, it is highly possible that RAID array can be rebuilt and all the lost files can be recovered. As soon as you caught up with the situation of RAID array failure then it is important that you sought out this issue immediately. Now the problem is how to recover RAID failure? Well, this issue can be easily solved with the help of good RAID hard drive recovery software.

How to perform RAID failure recovery?

Well, it is quiet easy to perform RAID failure recovery. Still there is a good chance that your files can be restored after RAID failure issue. If your RAID array fails and you need to access to your data right away then consider using specialized software named as SFWare Partition Recovery Software. This program recovers files from the failed RAID array and putting the recovered files onto a single hard disk.

SFWare Partition Recovery Tool is developed by a team of expert professionals and incorporated with strong features. This utility works with advanced scanning algorithm and searches for hundreds of files in just single scan.

Causes for RAID array failure

  • Missing of RAID partition
  • If the host server crash then it often makes the array inaccessible
  • Power failure can result in RAID controller failure that leads to total data loss
  • Computer virus or worm
  • Reformatting of array
  • Forgotten password
  • Firmware corruption
  • Application Failure

Whatever type of issues may be the cause for RAID failure, you can easily recover failure RAID array using SFWare Partition Recovery Program. This program is relatively inexpensive and is involved in recreating lost or damaged data quickly.

Features of SFWare Partition Recovery Application

SFWare Wizard has an ability to retrieve RAID files from different RAID levels like RAID 6, RAID 5, RAID 1, RAID 0 etc. Hence it is preferred by most of the professional and non-professional users for recovering failed RAID array. You can preview recovered RAID data using preview option which is available in this SFWare software. You can utilize this toolkit to restore RAID partition data on Windows computer as it is compatible with all popular Windows OS versions. Therefore immediately download this SFWare Partition Recovery Tool and get rid of all data loss issues occurred due to RAID failure instantly. This program supports recovery from formatted / re-formatted RAID arrays. You can also utilize this SFWare program to recover files from non-booting Operating System with ease.

Cautions to overcome RAID failure

  • Never replace the failed drive with a drive that was part of former RAID system
  • Never run volume recovery programs on suspected bad drives
  • Do not run defragmenter utilities on suspected bad drives
  • If you heard any unusual mechanical noise from the hard drive then turn it off immediately
  • Keep a valid backup before making hardware or software changes

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