Recovering Data from Hard Drive that won't Boot

“Hi, I have a computer which is being used by me since two years. Nowadays it was having some performance issues and now it is not booting at all. I feel pity on myself for neglecting the hints of failure that was nearing. I have a huge amount of data in it which I do not want to lose. Please help me suggesting a way to restore data from computer that won't boot.”

The computer will turn on when Operating System boots up. OS fails to boot when it gets corrupted by viruses or due to improper usage of Operating System. The system gives some clues like frequent hangs, files going missing and so on. If you do not get alarmed, then someday the system may crash and refuse to boot again, a similar situation as given at the beginning of the page. However, as there is a solution for everything, even this problem can be solved.

There are three ways in which you can learn how to recover files from a hard drive that won't boot. One is by removing the hard drive and connecting it externally to working computer. Second one is using recover software on bootable devices like CD or restoring data in a Network from remote computer. The first one is ruled out as it is very expensive method. To connect hard drive externally to a computer, you need adaptor and other accessories. You should know an expert who can regain data using this method. It costs as much as buying a new computer and hence not recommended. The second one is the best solution and for this you need to choose reliable software for recovering data from hard drive that won't boot. One such tool is, SFWare Partition Recovery is the best choice to get back data from non booting system.

Features of SFWare Partition Recovery Application:

SFWare Partition Recovery software helps you restore data from computer that won't boot. It has simple interface and using which you can get back files of different types like Word files, Spreadsheets, PDFs, photo files, videos, audios, etc. from computer drives. You can restore files even from external storage devices like external hard drive, flash drive, memory card which are not responding. This program even retrieve data after severe loss scenarios like black screen of death and blue screen of death. Try the demo version today to know more about this application in order to know how to backup data from computer that wont boot.

Scenarios in which Operating System won’t boot:

  • MBR Corruption: The Master Boot Record is the part of hard drive where data related to Operating System will be present. The MBR may get corrupt due to some dreadful virus invasion or any other reason
  • Operating System Malfunctioning: Operating System may not function properly because of improper installation or virus infection to OS booting files. You will lose access to your data on the computer which may be very essential for you

However, you can retrieve data from non-booting Operating System using SFWare Partition Recovery software using the steps as given ahead. So one can feel safe about the data as this tool does not alter or odify the original content of the files while recovering. Easily recover data after format and reinstall of OS successfully.

Steps to restore data from a non-booting Operating System:

  • Download SFWare Partition Recovery software and install it on your PC
  • Run the utility and select “Partition Recovery” from main screen
  • From next screen, select drive from which you want to retrieve data and click on “Next”
  • Select file types which you need back and click on “Next”
  • Software starts restoring data from the computer and show the result in “Data Type View” and “File Type View”
  • Pick a file and click on “Preview” to view the file
  • preserve the recovered files on computer other than scanned drive using “Save” option


  • Do a regular check on hard drive of your computer for viruses using anti-virus software
  • Keep backup of crucial hard drive data on an external drive

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