How to Recover Data from Bad Sector Hard Disk

Lost data from hard drive due to bad sectors? Well it really is painful to lose so many important files and folders. However, there is a way out for every problem.

When hard drive sectors become bad, data in those sectors become inaccessible. Under such a situation your data is considered to be lost. This is why it is important to backup data on a regular basis. Because when you lose data, you can restore them from the backup. Anyway, now that you don’t have a backup, you need a Hard Drive Recovery tool to get back files from it.

How to Restore Data from Hard Drive with Bad Sectors?

With the right recovery tool, it is easy to get back files from bad sector hard drive. SFWare Partition Recovery is an efficient tool which will retrieve data from hard drive with bad sectors in an easy way. This Partition Recovery application is designed in such a way that even a new user can go about the recovery process with ease. Moreover, the utility also helps to recover data from JBOD drive, from deleted, lost, formatted, corrupted partitions.

Few instances for Bad Sectors in Hard Drive:

  • File system error
  • Hard drive infected by viruses or malware
  • Long term usage of hard drive due to which storage elements called Platters loses it magnetic nature, and start to fail

Guide to Retrieve Data from Hard Drive with Bad Sectors:

  • Download the software and install it on your system
  • Launch the application. Choose Partition Recovery option from the main screen.
  • Select the bad sectored hard drive from which data has to be recovered, and click on Next
  • Recovery starts from the selected disk, here you will get an option "Disk Image". Use it for taking image of hard drive having bad sectors.
  • Save the disk image at any desired location, which can be used to recover data at a later time
  • Finally, preview the recovered files and save them on a preferred location

SFWare Partition Recovery software also helps to recover data from repartitioned drive, reformatted partition, crashed hard drive, RAW drive, and so on. Files from FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT partitions will be retrieved easily. The recovered files can be sorted based on file name, type, date of creation, and file size.

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