How to Retrieve Data from Bad Sector Hard Disk

On some inauspicious situations, while running your PC you might get an error message displaying that your hard drive contain bad sectors. These errors are typically flagged as "CRC" or "Cyclic Redundancy Check Error". As a result of this, some of your needed files goes missing, unreadable or corrupted or impossible to access certain files and folders. All these issues are because of presence of bad sectors in your hard disk. Files residing on the bad sector of the disk may be unaffected and the disk is considerably usable if the bad sectors are few.

Recovering data from bad sector hard disk is an easy job, only if you utilize the right recovery application. SFWare Partition Recovery Program is one among the most renowned software that helps to recover data from hard disk with bad sectors within few minutes. Highlighting features of SFWare Partition recovery tool to understand how to copy data from bad sector hard disk:

  • Some of you might be thinking that it will be very difficult to follow the procedure while retrieving data from bad sectors using any third party tool. Well, this is not an issue at all. This is because , SFWare Partition Recovery Tool is designed in such as way that even a novice can easily understand the simple process of data recovery from bad sector hard drive and completely recover data from bad sector hard drive quickly
  • Any issues while performing bad sector hdd data recovery can be solved using this software as it offers 24/7 customer support
  • SFWare Partition recovery tool supports recovering of files and folders from ISO, BIN and IMG formats, if the image is a RAW image and you can convert its (rename) file extension with .img file name
  • Also you need not to be worried about your files that were stored in the hdd having bad sector because this utility performs read only operation to recover data from bad sector hard disk in few minutes. It even help you retrieve data from JBOD drives easily
  • This utility efficiently works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and 2008 servers to recover data from bad sectors hdd with utmost ease
  • Other most effective feature of this application is that you can freely download the trial version of this software to evaluate the restoring results on how to restore data from bad hard drive by following few simple steps. Recovered Data can be stored on any of the external hard drives

Reasons for the occurrence of bad sectors on hdd?

  • File System Error is one of the most common reasons for the occurrence of bad sectors on hard disk. It makes your files permanently damaged and non recoverable
  • Hard disk storage elements known as Platters are divided into sectors and blocks. All these sectors are used for locating the desired file by read/write head. On continuous usage of hard disk, it started getting rough and loses its magnetic nature and thus, started failing
  • Applications that are installed on the hard disk sometimes may work ruged like instructing hdd for writing unusable data to the unpermissable hard drive sectors. If the computer attempts to retrieve those particular details and finds it unusable, then that sector of the hard drive becomes unusable
  • Bad sectors also occur in your hard drive if your drive is severely infected from deadly viruses

Important tips to be followed:

  • Do not use hard drive if you realize that it has too many bad sectors
  • Update your antivirus application in your PC weekly or monthly
  • Always it is recommended to backup your important hard disk data when it shows some unusual behavior

Inspite of following all these precautions, if you find any bad sectors in your hdd then don’t worry, hard disk bad sector data recovery can be done within a fraction of minutes if you make use of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool as mentioned above in this tutorial. This program has a strong built in scanning algorithm using which, you can come to know how to recover data from a bad sector hard drive. You can easily recover data from bad sector hard drive only by using this utility.

Steps to retrieve data from hard disk having bad sectors:

  • Download SFWare Partition Recovery Software and launch it
  • Choose "Partition Recovery" option or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option from the main screen
  • Now you need to select the hard disk and click on "Next" option
  • Recovery starts from the selected disk, here you will get an option "Disk Image". Use it for taking image of hard drive having bad sectors
  • Save the recovered data on any desired location
  • Retrieved files can be checked by doube clicking on recovered files
  • If you've decided to go with the results, then make sure you get the full version of the software

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