How to Recover Data from Dynamic Disk in Windows?

Updated on June 06, 2022

Dynamic Disk has several benefits over basic disk. Dynamic disks are more flexible to access and manage the data. But, be it basic disk partitions or dynamic disk partitions the risk of losing data is inevitable. With the SFWare Partition Recovery tool, recovering data from dynamic disks are made easy and simple. Download the software and try it for free now…

What are Dynamic Disks?

Dynamic disks are the disks assigned for dynamic storages. This disk contains various volumes to perform specific actions such as simple volumes, spanned volumes, striped volumes, mirrored volumes, and RAID-5 volumes. Each volume has their unique benefits and functions towards data storage.

The basic differences between basic disks and dynamic disks

Basic Disks Dynamic Disks
Uses Partition Table to store and manage the data Uses Logical disk manager or Virtual disk services to manage and store data
Supported by all Windows versions including MS-DOS Supported by Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, 2011, 2012, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 only
Once partition is created , expanding the capacity of volume is not possible Without losing any data you can easily expand the capacity of partitions
Allows only Primary and Logical Partitions on the drive Allows simple, spanned, striped, mirrored, and RAID-5 volumes on the drives
Maximum capacity of the drives can be limited only to 2TB and using MBR partitions, four partitions can be created including 3 primary partitions and one extended partition Capacity of partitions can be more than 2TB and unlimited partitions can be created on the drive

Reasons behind the data loss from the Dynamic Disks

Although Dynamic Disks comes with multiple benefits it does have drawbacks that lead to data loss from the drive.

As mentioned above, dynamic disks partitions will have dependencies over the volumes. If any one of the volumes or storage drives in Dynamic Disks are damaged the complete data stored on the Dynamic Disk is lost and it would be difficult to predict the volume from which data is lost. In such situations recovery from RAID or dynamic disks becomes chaotic.

Other reasons that might cause the data loss from the drive are:

If you have lost data due to any of the above mentioned reasons and are wondering if it is possible to recover data from a dynamic disk, the answer would be absolutely yes.

SFWare Partition Recovery tool is a highly recommended tool to recover data from the Dynamic Disks. The tool is designed with the unique search algorithm that scans each sector of the drive to locate the lost files based on their signatures and helps in hassle free recovery of the data. Therefore, using SFWare is the best dynamic data recovery solution that one could make use of.

How to Restore Files from Dynamic Disks?

Download the SFWare Partition recovery software on your computer and launch the application

1. Select Drive/ Partition Recovery option or Formatted Recovery option to recover data from the dynamic disks.

Select Drive/Partition Recovery to recover data from dynamic disks

2. Next, all the available drives are displayed on the screen. Select the dynamic disks and click on Next option

Select Drive

Important Note: Since data recovery from Dynamic Disks consists of huge storage space and volumes, scanning procedure might take quite a long time.

3. After the completion of scanning and recovered files are displayed in Data View or File Type View

Recovered Files View

You can verify each file by previewing them before saving, select the files that are deleted or lost from dynamic disks and save required files on your computer.

How to Manage Dynamic Disks and Fix Invalid Dynamic Disk error?

You can easily manage your dynamic disks using two approaches. One is creating a volume on Dynamic disks; another approach is to convert dynamic disks into basic disks.

Create a Volume on the Disk

Step 1. Go to This PC > Manage > Disk Management

Step 2. Right-click the unallocated space on the dynamic disk and choose New Simple Volume

Step 3. Follow the instructions appears on the screen to finish the remaining process.

Depending on the type of volume you want to create, the procedure slightly varies for each type of volume.

To fix invalid dynamic disk error, first, try reconnecting the disk. if the error is caused due to improper disk connection. Reconnecting should help you fix it. Use SATA cable and power cable correctly while connecting and verify if this helps fixing the error.

Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk in Disk Management

This method helps if the invalid disk error is due to Windows OS incompatible issue.

  1. First, back up all volumes on the disk you want to convert from dynamic to basic.
  2. Open Disk Management (administrator) by typing Computer Management in the search box on the taskbar, right-click on Computer Management, and then select Run as administrator >> Yes.
  3. Now, go to Storage > Disk Management
  4. In Disk Management, right-click on each volume on the dynamic disk you want to convert to a basic disk, and then click Delete Volume.
  5. When all volumes on the disk have been deleted, right-click the disk, and then click Convert to Basic Disk.

You can also use command line to convert dynamic disks to basic disk.

Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk using Diskpart

  1. Back up all volumes on the disk you want to convert from dynamic to basic
  2. Open a command prompt and type diskpart
  3. At the DISKPART prompt, type list disk. Note the disk number you want to convert to basic.
  4. Next, type select disk disknumber
  5. Type detail disk
  6. For each volume on the disk, at the DISKPART prompt, type select volume= volumenumber and then type delete volume
  7. Type select disk disknumber, specifying the disk number of the disk that you want to convert to a basic disk
  8. Lastly to convert, type convert basic


Whether you are using a dynamic disk or basic disk, you use it to store your data. it becomes important to protect your important data from any data loss scenarios. With the help of SFWare Partition recovery tool, you will be able to recover data from the dynamic disks. Hopefully the methods explained in the article to fix the error invalid dynamic disk helps you manage the disks.