How to Recover Data from Mac Fusion Drive?

Have you lost data on your Mac fusion drive? Don't worry because recovery from fusion drives is possible with the help of SFWare partition recovery software. Whether the fusion drive is corrupted, damaged or failed, SFware can be used in all of these scenarios. Learn more about the tool and the steps involved in this guide here.

Fusion drives are nothing but a combination of your regular hard drive and a flash drive (SSD). Using a fusion drive, you get the best of both worlds, meaning large storage from the regular hard drive and faster access provided by the flash part of the drive. These fusion drives definitely costs you a lot more than your standard hard drive, but that does not mean they are exempt from corruption problems or data loss. Now let us look at some reasons for data loss on Mac fusion drives.

Reasons for data loss on Mac fusion drives

  • Bad sectors on the hard drive due to corruption or due to physical damage
  • Software malfunction
  • Virus attacks
  • Power failure during a read/write operation on the hard disk
  • Wrong usage of disk management tools

Now that we’ve seen the reasons for data loss, let us understand how you can deal with these situations and recover data.

Note: If you’re experiencing bad sectors on the hard drive, you may attempt to repair them using CHKDSK or SFC. These utilities can repair minor corruption issues, but in some cases may cause disk damage and lead to permanent data loss. Hence, it is best to recover data off the drive before you attempt to fix corruption or bad sector issues.

Recover data using SFWare partition recovery software Mac

SFWare partition recovery is the best and most efficient utility to recover data from Mac fusion drives. It is designed to work with corrupt or damaged hard disks. It can also recover data after an unintentional format or data lost as a result of wrongly using disk management tools.

The advantage of using this software is that it recovers partitions with the original folder structure, so you should not have any issues locating required files after recovery. It also comes with a handy ‘Sort’ and ‘Find’ features to help you search through the recovered list of files. In addition to this, the software offers a few more benefits explained as follows.

  • Works using a read only feature, so the recovered files are in the same form as original
  • Recovers data from fusion drives, HDD, SSD, IDE, SCSI and other storage media like USB flash sticks, external hard drives and SD cards
  • Works with all file systems like HFS, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, etc
  • Suitable for all Mac versions like High Sierra, Sierra, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard etc.
  • Windows version of SFWare partition recovery is also available

Steps to recover data from Mac fusion drive using SFWare partition recovery software

  • 1. Download and install SFWare partition recovery software on your Mac system
  • 2. Open the application and to start with, select Recover Volumes
  • 3. Then select Partition Recovery in the next screen
  • 4. Choose a volume from which you would like to recover data from the list of all volumes displayed
  • 5. You can also choose specific file types you wish to recover using the prompt provided. But if you want all files recovered, select Skip
  • 6. The software will display a list of files after scanning the selected drive. Please select the required files and choose a location to save them.
  • Note: There is also a file recovery version of SFWare that allows recovery of deleted files from Mac volumes. Please refer the link for more details about the software and the steps involved in the recovery process.

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