Restoring Data from RAW Hard Disk

If your hard drive turns RAW, then it becomes unreadable and un-writeable. RAW HDD makes the file system to fail and results in inaccessibility state of the hard drive partitions. Even in the worst case, it can even make your PC unbootable. You can find numerous reasons that are responsible for hard drive to become RAW. If you read this tutorial completely then you can get complete solution on raw hdd data recovery and the scenarios by which your hard drive becomes RAW so that you can avoid those situations further. However, sometimes hard disk can become RAW unexpectedly all of a sudden.

Solution for RAW hard disk data recovery software:

Even though you end up with loss of files from RAW hard drive, you get an easy solution to recover data from raw hdd with the help of SFWare Partition Recovery Software. This magical program is constructed to recover files from RAW hard drive and cheer you up because of which it is recommended by many professional and non professional users around the world. This unmatchable utility employs a deep drive scan and executes raw hard disk data recovery on Windows 10, XP, 7, 8 and other popular versions of Windows Operating System.

Tremendous features of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool:

  • Uses simple GUI and advanced list of options present in the SFWare Partition Recovery Tool, hence it will be very easy to restore data from RAW partition
  • This program not only recover data from RAW hdd but also helps in restoring files from RAW external hard drive, USB drive, iPod, FireWire drive or any other storage media were data is stored
  • This toolkit is 100% free from virus intrusion, hence no need to worry about virus intrusion while downloading this program
  • Performs read only operation and all your original files will be in safe while recovering data from RAW hdd
  • Completely recovers files from NTFS, FAT and NTFS5 by following few simple steps
  • Can get free demo version of this application to evaluate RAW hard disk data recovery results

Common causes that is responsible for RAW Hard Drive:

If the file system gets damaged then the file system turns RAW and Windows fails to recognize the RAW file system. As a result of this, it cannot locate the stored files and access it. This performance leads to serious partition loss situations. This file system corruption can be caused because of number of causes like virus infection failed operating system upgrade, MBR and others. Hard disk can be failed due to hardware or software malfunctions. Hence there can be a chance of hard drive to become RAW. While moving files from your computer drive to other external storage drives like USB hard drives, SD cards, etc., if there is sudden power failure then there is chance where hard disk may turn into RAW state.

When you encounter all these instances where hard drive becomes RAW then the question comes how to recover data from RAW hard drive? Well, now it is very easy to recover data from RAW HDD if you make use of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool.

Depending upon the factor whether the drive is internal or external, you can find so many ways to avoid hard disk to become RAW. Please follow these instructions to avoid hard disk to become RAW:

  • Always be sure you've enough power backup so that the computer does not switch off suddenly
  • Don’t forget to run chkdsk command to resolve minor issues with the hard drive
  • It is suggested to keep your system up-to date with an anti-virus application

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