Samsung 2TB HD501LJ Drive Data Recovery

This page is regarding recovery of data from hard drive. Generally, there are various kinds of hard drives available in the market, and Samsung 2TB HD501LJ is one among them. Here is one real time issue which is indicating how people go losing of data from Samsung 2TB HD501LJ drive and seeking for the right help!


I have a serious data loss problem and hope that someone can help!

Situation: My 2 TB hard drive (HD501LJ) with all my personal data was suddenly not accessible anymore by Windows. So my first reaction was to create a partition backup on a different drive. I tried to recreate the partition on the original drive after formatting, but that didn't work. So I got a 3 TB drive (WD30EZRX) and recreated the partition on that drive. However, the drive was still not accessible by Windows. I had learnt from somewhere that recovery is possible. Is there any tool using which I can recover data from my Samsung 2TB HD501LJ drive?

Goal: My goal would be to recover files with the original folder structure. There were a lot of files on that drive (documents, pictures, music, video, etc.), and organizing them again into folders would cost me weeks. A solution that takes a smaller amount of expert knowledge would be preferable.”

Diagnosis: When the above problem is diagnosed, the possible causes behind the inaccessibility of Samsung 2TB HD501LJ drive would be something like this…

Virus infection is the main cause for any drive to become inaccessible. When there is no antivirus or an outdated antivirus application is unable to detect threats, chances of a virus attack will be more. A virus attack leads to file system damage, which in turn corrupts the entire Samsung 2TB HD501LJ drive. Other probable reasons includes…

  • Disk failure
  • Master Boot Record (MBR) damage
  • Bad sector on hard drive
  • Improper configurations in BIOS (Basic Input / Output System)

Solution: The most recommended action to be taken when the Samsung 2TB HD501LJ drive is running with a problem and data present on it can’t be accessed is to use commercial recovery software like SFWare Partition Recovery. This tool has recovered data for a range of different clients like home users, banks, small businesses, photographers, corporate companies, etc. Precisely, the list is endless! Further, it will meet all the users’ demands. Such as

  • Efficiently recovers files such as audio files, video files, images, raw pictures, archive files, Microsoft Office files and other documents from inaccessible Samsung 2TB HD501LJ drive
  • Data recovery from Samsung 2TB HD501LJ hard drive doesn’t require any expertise knowledge
  • Retrieve data with the original folder structure

Apart from these qualities, SFWare Partition Recovery can also be employed to recover data when Samsung 2TB HD501LJ drive is lost, deleted or formatted. It can even be supportive data recovery tool for all the popular brands of hard disks like restoring WD hard drive partition, panasonic, Toshiba, etc. The program can be run on any latest Windows and Mac computers or laptops.

Steps to Recover Data on Samsung 2TB HD501LJ Drive

  • Download SFWare Partition Recovery and launch it on healthy Windows or Mac system
  • Connect Samsung 2TB HD501LJ hard drive to the system
  • Run the software
  • Welcome screen contains three main options: “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos”, and “Recover Drives”. Choose “Recover Drives” option
  • A second screen with "Partition Recovery" and "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" options will be displayed. Select “Partition Recovery” option
  • Choose the particular drive from which data is to be restored and click on “Next
  • Software will scan the entire drive and recover data present on it
  • Preview restored data using “Preview” option
  • Save recovered files on your desired location

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