Retrieving Erased Files from Local Disk Drive

File systems and Partitions are complex things when we work on them without enough technical knowledge. Sometimes while trying to delete an unwanted partition, users might select the wrong drive and lose files of greater importance. There are also instances of partitions being deleted due to errors while rebooting.

As soon as you notice that your hard disk drive partition has been lost, stop working on the system further. Trying to create a new partition in the unallocated space might overwrite the deleted data with new data. In such cases Remo recover software will help you to restore your lost or deleted hard disk drive partitions from all versions of Windows 10 and below in simple steps.

How does Hard Disk Drive Partition Loss Occur?

There are several reasons for your hard disk drive partition being lost. Errors while reinstalling the operating systems, deleting the hard disk drive partition accidentally and virus infections also cause partition loss issue.

Partition Table Corruption is also another major reason for partition loss. Partition table contains information about the various hard drive partitions in the system. When the partition table is corrupted due to viruses or deleted accidentally, you cannot solve the issue using the Windows Disk Management as the deleted drive won’t be visible there. Sometimes, the file system of the partition may turn into RAW, due to which data stored in it becomes inaccessible. How to recover data from RAW hard drive in such cases? There is no need to worry as the data is still there and the partitions are not actually lost.

If the partition table is not severely damaged, you can use several partition recovery software available online in order to recover the lost partition. But in some scenarios, partition table maybe damaged severely and it might be very hard to get your lost data back. In such situations, we make use of an advanced data recovery software made specifically for this purpose.

Steps to restore lost hard disk drive partitions

You can recover your lost hard disk drive partitions containing important data with the help of an advanced data recovery tool. SFWare Partition Recovery is a reliable data recovery software which can help you in the process. The software has been developed with advanced data recovery algorithms that deeply scans the hard drive in order to find the deleted partition.

  • Download SFWare on your computer on which you want to recover files
  • You get first screen with two options, "Partition Recovery" and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” options
  • Choose "Partition Recovery" option and you will be taken to next screen
  • Now from next screen, select the drive from where you want to recover data and click on "Next"
  • Software starts scanning process for the selected drive for file recovery
  • You can see a list of restored files will be shown in "Data Type View" and "File Type View"
  • Save all recovered data on a location other than scanned drive using "Save" option

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