Retrieving Lost Files after System Restore Windows 7

“Hi everyone, My Windows 7 system work very slow and I executed the process of system restore in my Windows 7 computer by mistake instead of reinstalling a new Operating system. Later when I turn on my Windows 7 computer all my pictures, movies, office documents and music files are gone. Also I forgot to backup files before performing system restore process. I stored quite a lot confidential business files in my Windows 7 computer. Can anyone help me in recovering files after system restore Windows 7. Thanks in advance”

  • Ultimate data recovery tool that will brilliantly recover files from system restored hard drive
  • Embedded with excellent file recovery strategies, it recognizes and recover all the files, lost partitions, program files, etc. after system recovery
  • Capable of recovering files after system restore Windows 7 and from various interfaces like SATA, IDE, SCSI, PATA, ATA, etc. that are damaged, formatted, reformatted or even dead and non functioning
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows Operating system

Generally, it is one of the common situations where computer problem happens and you have to reset your system computer to factory settings, or did system restore and end up with loss of crucial files stored in it. If you're the one who ended up with loss of files from Windows 7 system, then this post helps you in getting a solution on how to recover lost files after system restore Windows 7 by following few simple steps.

Why SFWare Partition Recovery?

System restore is one of the option in Windows 7 that is used as a remedy at the time of system crash, Windows 7 hard disk failure, OS corruption, BSOD error and other related problems. However, if you use system restore function without taking the backup of all your valuable files stored in Windows 7 then you will be the great looser of plenty of files stored in the hard drive. On some unfortunate situations, you might unknowingly select all the partitions or drives while using system restore process and may lose essential files. Don’t worry, files that were lost from Windows 7 can be easily carry out the process of recovery of files from Windows 7 after system restore with the help of SFWare Partition Recovery Software.

SFWare Partition Recovery is one of the good data recovery tool that will scan the system and find out the deleted files during system restore in Windows 7 system. This program is easy to use, and specially designed to work for data lost during system restore. This application uses read only operation so it will not causes any damage to Windows system while recovering lost files. This application also helps in retrieve files from accidental formatted partition in few clicks. You can also employ this SFWare Partition Recovery Utility to recover deleted files after system restore Windows 7 and on different version of Windows OS that includes Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10, etc. This toolkit works well for desktop computer and laptops. Hence you get an easy solution on how to recover files from Windows 7 after system restore in few minutes.

Retrieve Files after System Restore from Windows 7 using SFWare Partition Recovery Tool:

  • Download SFWare partition recovery utility on your desktop on which you want to get back files
  • You have to choose "Partition Recovery" option and you will be prompted to next screen
  • Next select the disk from which you need to recovered data and click on “Next”
  • List of restored files will be in "Data View" and "File Type View"
  • Reserve restore files on a location other storage device using“Save” option

Important tips:

  • Avoid restoring your Windows system without having the back of important hard drive data
  • Use only a updated anti-virus software on Windows 7 computer to avoid harmful virus attack
  • Always make use of powerful antivirus programs to remove threat from the Windows 7 computer

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