How to Recover Data after Factory Reset in Windows 10/8/7?

Updated on December 4, 2020

If you Factory Reset your PC without keeping any backup of your data, it can be disastrous if you have important files. But, with the SFWare Partition Recovery tool recovering data after factory reset is certainly a walk in the park. Download the software now for free and try Windows Factory Reset data Recovery.

Will Factory Reset Erase Data from My Windows PC?

Even after multiple troubleshooting trials, if your Windows computer is constantly running slow or displaying system errors, Factory Reset is the last resort. While your computer does Factory Reset, the system erases and formats the existing partitions on your computer before installing the new copy of Windows files.

Therefore, it is recommended to take a backup of your data before you set the PC for Factory Reset. If your computer is stuck with errors continuously beeping or returning to the bluescreen error screen, taking backup might not be possible. You might just have to go with resetting the PC. Once you set Windows for Factory Reset, all your data stored in the computer will be erased and a fresh copy of Windows system will be installed.

Can I recover data from Windows 10 Factory Reset?

Yes, you can recover files after Factory Reset Windows 10/8/7 or older versions. If you are wondering how, here is the answer.

When the PC resets with the fresh copy of Windows Files, the data will still be existing on the hard drive. But the access to the files by your system is no longer permissible. However with the help of the safe and secure Partition recovery tool you can get back your data from Windows 10 Factory Reset.

SFWare is the most recommended tool for restoring data from Windows Factory Reset. To recover data from the factory reset, a tool must perform scanning in a hard drive’s sector level. SFWare’s streamlined search algorithm scans each sector of the drive to reach the recoverable data and retrieves erased or deleted files. Therefore SFWare is the safe and best choice for recovering data from the partitions after Windows Factory Reset.

How to Recover Files after Factory Reset Windows 10/8?

To recover data from Windows Factory Reset easily, download the SFWare Partition Recovery Tool and Run the application. Click on Recover Drive /Partition from the main screen.

Step 1: Click Drive/Partition Recovery from the main screen

recover data after Windows factory reset

Step 2: Select the Drive from which you need to recover data after Factory Reset on Windows and Click Next.

select the drive recover factory rest lost files

Step 3: After the completion of the Scanning process, all the recovered files from factory reset will be displayed in Data Type or File Type View.

select the recoverable files in either of the views available

You can Preview the files before saving. If you are satisfied with the results, Save the files in your computer.

Where can the SFWare Partition Recovery Tool be used?