Back Up Data from a Computer which Won’t Start

That terrifying situation wherein your computer won’t turn on and you start panicking about the files stored on PC’s hard drive! Well, a PC which doesn’t start up may have many number of causes including hard drive failure, file system corruption, operating system malfunction, system files corruption, re-partitioning errors, etc. Despite of the fear that might set in, a problem like the recovery of files when computer won’t turn on can be an easy one to solve. In simple words, your documents, pictures, texts, audios, videos will be safe, just can’t be accessed at the moment.

Remove the Hard Drive and Attach it on a Working Machine

Unless and until you have some accident that physically damages computer’s hard drive, you can still access the files. You are just required one USB universal drive adapter and a different functioning computer to plug the hard drive of a PC which won’t turn on. Well, for most of the desktop computers, this is actually a pretty easy procedure, and a quick solution to get files off a computer that won’t turn on. Even after able to boot the hard drive, if you fail to access data, then you need to use hard drive recovery software.

The reliable hard drive recovery software will potentially let you to retrieve files from the computer that won’t start. Once you are able to boot the victim hard drive on a working machine, you can run the recovery application and initiate the process to restore data. Which tool? SFWare Partition Recovery Application is the correct choice!

Important Note: Even after you are able to start the computer and couldn’t able to access files, don’t perform any data addition or deletion operation on the hard drive. All this is because to avoid over writing process, which will make the recovery of files difficult and sometimes impossible!

Steps to Recover Files from PC that Won’t Turn On

  • Attach the hard drive of non-booting computer to the healthy computer
  • Download and install SFWare Partition Recovery Tool on that PC
  • Run the tool and just focus on the simple on-screen procedure
  • The very first screen will show three primary options – Recover Files, Recover Photos, and Recover Drives. As we are finding the data from hard drive, it is recommended to go with “Recover Drives” option
  • The second screen contains two recovery modes – Partition Recovery and Formatted /Re Formatted Recovery. To back up files from pc that won’t start, choose “Partition Recovery” option
  • Select the suitable external drive attached to the healthy system and click on “Next” button
  • Now, you are provided with the set of file types that can be recovered. If you want to retrieve entire drive data then skip this step and initiate the process by providing the location where the restored files to be stored
  • Once scanning gets completed, all the retrieved files will appear on the screen
  • At last, preview the retrieved data and save it

Know More about SFWare Partition Recovery Utility

It is believed that a recovery tool like SFWare Partition Recovery is a Do-It-Yourself way for restoring files when computer won’t turn on. This means that the software helps to recover data from non-booting operating system which has been caused due to the failure of hard drive or drive’s corruption. Further, it is designed with self-explanatory GUI which gives the complete description of recovery steps as mentioned above and will not modify any of the original data during the recovery process. Also, the toolkit provides an option called as Create Disk Image for the extraction of replica of hard drive containing bad sectors, which can be used later for the retrieval of data. You can even restore files from virus infected, lost, deleted, formatted, and reformatted partitions of different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS, etc.

Safety Tips

  • Make sure that there is a proper power supply required to start a computer
  • Back up all the important data regularly on external devices so that you can make use of that backup when computer fails to start and you lose the data

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