How to Recover Formatted Partition

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A bad sector can be caused for any reasons as mentioned above. Hence, it is very crucial to keep the computer in a proper working environment. If proper care is not taken it may lead to corruption or physical damage as well. Despite all the measures if you encounter a data loss situation, use the SFware partition recovery software that can recover the data effectively.

What are the reasons for formatting partition?

Can data be recovered after formatting a partition?

After Formatting the drive, all the sectors in the hard drive will be marked as writeable. Therefore the data will be present in drive until the it is overwritten with a new data. Hence the data could be recovered even after formatting provided you don’t use the hard drive any further. However, data can be recovered if you have created an image of the drive. In case you haven't created a backup, use a partition recovery tool to recover the data.

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How to recover data after formatting partition?

To recover the partition after formatting download and install the SFWare partition recovery software and follow the below steps

Key Features of SFWare partition recovery.


Formatting a partition will help in managing the disk space better at the same time any data that is present will be erased. The data recovery can be difficult once the partition is formatted. As a safety measure always create a back up before formatting. But in case you haven't created a back up before formatting uses the SFWare partition recovery software to recover formatted partition.