Recover Data from System Disk in macOS High Sierra

Due to unfortunate situations such as a crash or hard drive failure, your system may fail to boot. In such cases, naturally you will lose access to your data. It is a heart wrenching situation if you don’t have a backup. But the good thing is, with the right tools, it is possible to recover data from system disk/partition as well.

In Mac OS’s El Capitan and above versions, there is a feature called SIP, which stands for System Integrity Protection. It is designed to help prevent malicious software from modifying protected files and folders on your Mac.

This security feature prevents any third party apps from selecting a startup disk. But, data recovery software has to have access to the drive in order to recover data. To work around the problem, you will have to disable SIP and recover data from the disk.

How to disable SIP?

  • Turn on your Mac, press and hold ‘Command + R’ and boot into recovery mode
  • Select Utilities and from the drop down menu, select Terminal
  • Type ‘csrutil disable’ in the command line and hit Return
  • Then restart your Mac

To recover data from the drive:

You can have Mac start up from any other disk instead of the hard drive in the event of hard drive failure. The startup disk can be any storage device with a compatible OS.

Once your Mac boots from the startup disk of your choice, you can recover data from the system disk using SF Ware. It is an excellent tool which performs data recovery efficiently.

  • Connect a bootable media to your Mac with SF Ware software installed on it.
  • Run the software and select Recover Drives from the main screen
  • Then select Partition Recovery from the next screen
  • Select the drive to perform data recovery
  • Then select the partition to be recovered
  • A list of recovered files are displayed
  • You can Preview the files and save them in a desired location

More on SF Ware Recovery Software:

The software works on a read only mechanism, thus your original files are not altered during recovery process. It uses powerful algorithms to scan the drive sector by sector and perform recovery. The recovered files are then presented in Mac Finder styled interface.

The software can also be used to recover data from formatted drives. It also has the ability to perform recovery from corrupt, RAW and inaccessible drives please refer recover data from RAW file system for a detailed guide.

If bad sectors are present on the drive, the software creates disk images bypassing the bad sectors. Data can then be recovered using the created disk images.

Compatibility of SF Ware Partition Recovery Software:

  • In addition to recovering data from internal hard drives, it can also be used with external drives, USB’s and other storage devices.
  • Supports all file systems such as HFS, FAT16, FAT32 etc.
  • Supports all Mac OS versions including the latest High Sierra
  • Supports recovery from all Mac devices such as Mac Book Pro, Air, Mac Pro, Mac Mini etc.

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