Retrieve Missing Logical Partition Data

“It is possible to have four partitions on your computer but having an extended partition lets you have more number of partitions. Hence I have more number of logical drives in my extended partition, each drive being used by me for different purposes. While using, I had formatted a drive from extended partition by mistake. I had lots of important files in it which I do not wish to lose. Please let me know if there is a way to restore the lost files from a logical drive of my extended partition. TIA”

You too might get into the same trouble as given in above instance. Do not panic in that situation; you can recover data until you have not stored new data on formatted partition. When formatted, the pointers to the files are deleted but the content will still be present on physical drive of computer. You can get back lost data from a logical drive of extended partition using data recovery software. SFWare Partition Recovery Software is the best for retrieving lost extended partition data. Using this tool one can recover all kinds of files stored in it in a short interval of time.

Lost Extended Partition Recovery Tool:

Lost extended partition can be restored easily using SFWare Partition Recovery software on your Windows computers. This tool has simple user interface and hence even a novice can get back data on extended partition. You can retrieve lost files from Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS. It has the capability to restore data from computer in case of severe loss scenarios with its powerful scanning mechanism. Try the demo version of software today to know more about recovering lost extended partition data.

Scenarios in which extended partition data is lost:

  • File System Corruption: File system of extended partitions may get corrupt due to virus infection and you lose data from extended partition as the OS will not be able to access and display the files on the partition
  • Reinstallation of Operating System: OS reinstallation results in format of extended partition and you will lose data stored in it
  • Partition Deletion: You may delete extended partition by mistake and lose data from entire drive at once
  • Resizing Extended Partition: Extended partition when resized, files from the partition may be lost if you shrink the partition more

Whatsoever my be the situation in which extended partition is missing, you can recover data from it using SFWare Partition Recovery as described earlier. Go on reading to know how to recover lost partition and its retrieving steps further.

Detailed procedure to Recover Lost Extended Partition:

  • Download demo version of SFWare Partition Recovery software and install it on your computer
  • Run the tool and choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” or “Partition Recovery” from main screen
  • Then select icon of extended partition on computer from which you want to recover data and click on “Next”
  • Select file types which you are looking for from list of file types in next screen and choose “Next” button
  • Application will start scanning the selected disk and displays the result in “Data Type View” and “File Type View”
  • View the restored files using “Preview” option on software wizard
  • Store recovered files using “Save” option on a computer drive


  • Keep your computer data safe by using updated anti-virus software
  • Backup your important data on an external drive and use it in emergencies like data loss
  • This utility can restore deleted partition as lost extended drive from all latest versions of Windows OS

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